What Is Tubular Breast Surgery?

Have you been diagnosed with tubular breasts? Also called snoopy breasts, constricted breasts, conical breast, tuberous breasts and lower pole hypoplasia, tubular breasts can be very challenging to correct. Keep reading to learn more about this condition and how to choose the right surgeon for a successful cosmetic treatment.

What Are Tubular Breasts?

Tubular breasts are a breast deformity that can cause severe cosmetic aberrations. Some common characteristics of tubular breasts include:

  • Large, puffy areola
  • Unusually large space between the breasts
  • Minimal breast tissue
  • Sagging
  • Higher than normal breast fold
  • Small breast base

Tubular breasts can interfere with breast feeding in patients where the breast tissue has not sufficiently developed. The severity of this condition can vary from mild to severe.

Tubular breasts are very challenging to correct cosmetically. The procedure is much more complicated than a typical breast augmentation. Typically, tissue expansion and implants are required. A variety of different techniques are used to release constricted tissue, resize the areola, lower the breast fold, widen the base of the breast, etc.

Getting surgery for tubular breasts can help to alleviate the psychological impact of this deformity. Studies have found notable improvements in self-esteem after tubular breast surgery.

Choosing a Surgeon for Tubular Breast Surgery

Tubular breast surgery is a very complex procedure and required a surgeon with extensive experience. Don’t choose just any doctor that offers breast augmentation. You need a highly trained surgeon that has worked on tubular breasts. Excellent results can be achieved, but a skilled surgeon is necessary.

Dr. Sajjadian is one of only a few triple-board-certified plastic surgeons. He specializes in breast surgeries and is comfortable working on tubular breasts. If you have this condition, call and schedule a consultation with him. He can help you understand your breasts and the best way to correct them. Love your breasts!

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