What Is Preventative Botox®?

Think Botox® is only for those 35+? Many people are surprised to learn that Botox® can be used preventatively. Why wait for wrinkles to really set in? Start treating them before they begin for smoother, ageless looking skin. It’s easier to prevent than to reverse.

How Popular Is Preventative Botox®?

Botox® is the most popular cosmetic treatment in the U.S. Last year, a record-setting 6.7 million Botox® treatments were performed. While a great majority of these were performed on patients over 30, a growing number of treatments were performed on patients under 29, almost 120,000 treatments. These patients likely don’t yet have deep set lines and wrinkles, but are using the treatment to smooth out little wrinkles as they form. You’ll need to stick to a regular treatment schedule for the best results with your treatment. Over time preventative Botox® treatments can result in a need for less Botox®, as long as you stick to your treatment schedule. Botox® will have a greater impact on muscles that are not fully active. In many cases your face will learn to animate and use different muscles, potentially reducing the amount of wrinkling you’ll see in the treatment area, even as you get older.

Choosing a Doctor for Preventative Botox®

Your choice of practitioner is important with every cosmetic procedure and with preventative Botox®, it is crucial. You’ll want to choose an injector who is skilled with Botox® use on younger patients to ensure that your results are natural-looking. Choose an injector that will use the treatment appropriately so you can maintain natural expressions and facial movement. You certainly don’t want to look like you’ve had Botox® done at 20. With the right provider, your results can be smooth and natural looking and may help you to slow and prevent wrinkles like crow’s feet.

Dr. Sajjadian is a double-board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience using injectable treatments like Botox®. He is well-known for creating natural-looking results with Botox® and has perfected his technique on both younger and older patients.

How Young Is Too Young?

Many patients are getting Botox® in their 20s, and some even in their teens. How young is too young? Are you ready to start preventative Botox®? Come see Dr. Sajjadian. After a careful evaluation of your skin, he can determine if you’re ready for Botox® or if you should wait. If it’s too soon for Botox®, he can advise you about other treatments that may help you to prevent or delay aging.

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