What is an Eyelid Lift? – Newport Beach

Cosmetic eyelid surgeries are often called an Eyelid Lift or a Blepharoplasty. We do several eyelid surgeries here in Orange County to repair sagging or drooping upper eyelids. Sagging or drooping eyelids occur with age as the skin and muscles that lift the eyelids begin to relax and lose their elasticity. Some people, however, are born with droopy eyelids and become dissatisfied with the tired look that sagging eyelids give them regardless of how they alert and awake they feel. People may also develop drooping eyelids from certain diseases such as myasthenia gravis and eyelid surgery is definitely helpful when the droop interferes with vision and/or eye health.

Unlike many other cosmetic procedures, eyelid lift surgeries are usually done while you are awake meaning that general anesthesia is not used unless you have special requests, which we of course will consider and accommodate.  Eyelid surgery clients are often given medicine to relieve anxiety and then some medicine is injected to numb the area around the eye so you do not feel pain during the procedure. Tiny cuts are then made into the natural creases or folds of the eyelids to remove loose skin and sometimes any extra fatty tissue. Afterwards the eyelid muscles will be tightened before stitches are placed to allow the changes to heal in place. Eyelid surgery is typically and outpatient procedure, meaning that a hospital stay is rarely required.

Here in Orange County we are happy to offer eyelid surgery to help improve the overall appearance and health of our clients. It is truly amazing how much of a difference eyelid surgery can have on an individual’s confidence and how they carry themselves afterwards. Eyelid surgery gives a remarkably youthful and rested appearance and it is often done along with other facial surgeries such as a brow lift or facelift.

Eyelid surgery, however, will not remove those wrinkles around the eyes, lift sagging eyebrows, or eliminate dark circles under the eyes. BOTOX, a brow lift and other cosmetic procedures can help with those issues. These are all procedures that we can take care of as well, so if you live in the Orange County area and are tired of that tired look around your eyes, contact us today.

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