What Can Sculptra® Do for You?

Through a gradual process, Sculptra® works to fill in shallow and deep facial wrinkles and folds on your face.  Sculptra® reverses the signs of aging by replacing empty spaces with collagen to produce a more youthful and healthy appearance. Many of our Newport Beach clients prefer the gradual process of Sculptra® over other anti-aging methods because it doesn’t give that obvious “I’ve just had a facelift” look. It produces very natural looking results so it’s a great option for those who really don’t want others to know they’ve had any cosmetic work done.

Although Sculptra® was initially designed to replace fat lost by those suffering from HIV it is an FDA-approved injectable dermal filler (poly-L-lactic acid, or PLLA) for general use to fill up the upper cheeks, temple areas, and to reverse in deep wrinkles and folds. The brand name is Sculptra® Aesthetic and it acts to stimulate collagen formation, which results in a gradual thickening of the skin. Sculptra® is not the best option for filling in hollow areas around the eyes or around the lips.

In Newport Beach, Dr. Sajjadian uses Sculptra® by injecting it deep into the dermis or deeper tissues over a series of treatments that are typically four to six weeks apart. Sculptra® should only be administered by a Sculptra® Aesthetic trained physician. Poor technique by an unqualified, inexperienced professional can result in disastrous results such as lumps, bumps, bruising, and other injection site-related irritation. Typically, we can achieve desired results with just three injection sessions.

Because Sculptra® works gradual, it’s important to follow through with all the scheduled treatment sessions. To help produce the best results, a simple routine of short facial massages will help Sculptra® dissolve into the tissue and take full effect. Because each session builds on the previous treatment before you know it, the face you see looking back at you in the mirror is younger and younger each day. We and our Newport Beach clients love this about Sculptra®!

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