What Are the Benefits of Anatomical Breast Implants?

When it comes to breast implants, there are a lot of choices: saline, silicone, cohesive gel silicone, round, anatomical, etc. It can make your head spin, especially if you’re not familiar with the many options and their differences. Today, let’s take a deeper look at the anatomical breast implants.

What Are Anatomical Breast Implants?

Anatomical breast implants (also called teardrop implants) are a type of implant that is shaped more like the natural breast. From the front, it looks like an oval shape, but from the side, it is thinner at the top and more volumous at the bottom. Anatomical implants are all textured to reduce the risk of the implant shifting or flipping in the breast pocket.

What Are the Benefits of Anatomical Breast Implants?

Anatomical breast implants do have some benefits, but not for every woman. They work best in women with a limited amount of natural breast tissue. For these patients, the anatomical shape helps the implant to look more natural. In women with sufficient breast tissue, a skilled surgeon can easily camouflage any implant shape.

Depending on your anatomy, Dr. Sajjadian may recommend an anatomical implant (or a different type of implant). Talk with him about any questions you may have about his recommendations. Dr. Sajjadian is a highly skilled plastic surgeon that specializes in breast surgeries. His expertise and advice is the best way to determine if anatomical implants are right for you.

Choosing Anatomical Implants

If you choose to use anatomical implants for your breast augmentation surgery, make sure you choose your surgeon carefully. Due to the unique shape of the implant, a very precise pocket will need to be created. Proper positioning is essential for lowering your risk of implant shifting and flipping. If your implant flips, you will need breast revision surgery to correct it.

Dr. Sajjadian is a triple-board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience working with all types of breast implants. He is an excellent choice for your breast augmentation surgery in the Southern California area.

If you’re considering anatomical implants, make sure you choose your surgeon carefully. While the results can be stunning, especially in smaller chested women, these implants are unique and require a skilled surgeon for the best results. Call us today and schedule your consultation with Dr. Sajjadian. The many choices and options for implants might be confusing, but with a highly experienced surgeon like Dr. Sajjadian, you don’t need to know everything about implants. He is happy to answer questions, guide your decision and make personalized recommendations.