Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss- Answers to 4 Common Questions

You’ve worked hard and lost the weight; now it’s time to celebrate! Finish your weight loss transformation with a tummy tuck. This procedure can remove excess skin, tighten up abdominal muscles, and restore a flat, tight appearance to the abdomen. Call today and learn more about your options.

What Happens During a Tummy Tuck?

During a tummy tuck a horizontal incision is made on the lower abdomen, typically below the bikini line. This incision usually extends from hip bone to hip bone. Excess fat is removed using liposuction. Excess skin is removed, along with any c-section scarring. The abdominal wall is strengthened and any abdominal separation is corrected. As needed the belly button is repositioned higher on the abdomen. Then the incision is closed and bandaged. The result is a tighter, flatter looking abdomen.

Do I Need a Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss?

If you lose a few pounds you may not need a tummy tuck. This procedure is generally reserved for patients that have experienced dramatic weight fluctuations, including pregnancy. When you lose a substantial amount of weight, especially if the weight loss happens quickly, the skin may be unable to shrink to the appropriate size. A tummy tuck can remove this excess, sagging skin.

Sometimes a combination of tummy tuck and lip0suction or extended tummy tuck is used to create most natural looking and improved outcome.

What’s Recovery Like After a Tummy Tuck?

You’ll return home shortly after your tummy tuck to recover. You’ll need someone to drive you and to help you during the first few days. Swelling, bruising, and tenderness are common. Dr. Sajjadian recommends plenty of rest, lots of fluids, healthy foods, and avoiding strenuous activities while you heal. Plan on missing about 2-3 weeks from work.

What Other Procedures Can Complement a Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss?

Depending on the amount of weight lost, Dr. Sajjadian may recommend other body contouring procedures after weight loss. Here are some common recommendations:

Scheduling a consultation with triple board certified Dr. Sajjadian can give you a better idea of the procedures you may need to restore your body’s appearance after weight loss.