Treat Yourself! Top Five Places for Fitness in Newport Beach

It’s not surprising that Newport Beach has some of the best fitness clubs and classes in the sunshine state; there’s nothing better than feeling healthy, beautiful, and fit in a beautiful beach town like Newport Beach. Are you ready to get beach body ready? Treat yourself, and your body, to an amazing workout in one of these stellar fitness studios.


Radiant Hot Yoga

Burn calories fast with Hot Yoga, a type of yoga that uses heat to help detoxify your body and soothe your muscles. At Radiant Hot Yoga, you’ll get the potent combination of hot yoga and vinyasa power flow, a type of yoga that links movement with breath. Whether you’re a beginner or on your way to being a yogi, this studio’s serene workout will give a new meaning to “sweating it out.” 1200 Bison Ave, C-1, 949-706-9642

Defy Gravity Studio

It’s not just a name; at Defy Gravity Studio you’ll defy gravity and reach the skies thanks to their creative fitness programs, one of which is a Suspension Pilates workout. Get a full body workout with their Cycle with Bands classes or Pilates Reformer workouts in their sleek, comforting studio. 3100 East Pacific Coast Highway, (949) 719-2900

The LOOK Fitness

If you want the total package, LOOK Fitness is where it’s at. With dozens of unique classes like boxing, ballet fitness, mat Pilates, and battle ropes along with weight training and cardio, LOOK Fitness is a full-service health center. Want to make sure you can have as much time in the weight room as possible? LOOK Fitness has a special private weight room, so it’ll never feel overcrowded. 2125 San Joaquin Hills Rd, (949) 706-2442

Towel Toning

Inspired by dance, Pilates, and resistance training, this innovative studio specializes in a workout called Towel Toning®, which uses a soft towel as a tool to create resistance and activate muscle groups all over the body. This workout moves you with music and choreographed moves designed to train your body in a low-impact way. Don’t mistake this as a “soft” workout, Towel Toning is perfect for sculpting the body and strengthening your core. 2744 E Coast Hwy., (949) 290-8046

Innovative Results

Want to feel like a kid again? Try Innovative Results’ “Fitness Playground,” one of the coolest gyms in the country. Instead of machinery, they have an interactive fitness course that makes it an adult playground: monkey bars, parallel bars, turfed areas, climbing ropes, battle ropes, turfed areas, and more. Innovative Results also has a team of personal trainers to help you through the course. In the spirit of accessibility, they also have programs for all activity levels, so that everybody can join in on the fun. 2925 Airway Ave, Ste J, (714) 469-9338

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