10 Beauty Tips That Fight Against Winter Dryness

Dr. Sajjadian created this infographic that includes 10 beauty tips that fight against winter dryness. This infographic contains different beauty tips such as which type of cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream, and lip balm to use. Prevent your skin from getting dry and keep it moisturized this winter by following these ten tips!

  1. To protect your skin, use the mildest, gentlest exfoliants and cleansers you can find.
  2. For your moisturizer, use a thicker cream instead of a runny lotion.
  3. Look for a moisturizer with an ingredient called ceramides to repair dry, cracked skin.
  4. Use a cortisone cream for no more than two weeks to reduce inflammation.
  5. Try a hydrating sleep mask a few times a week to maximize your skin moisturizing time.
  6. Mix some natural oils to moisturize your skin, such as argan oil or castor oil.
  7. Make an all-natural DIY moisturizing mask with avocado, olive oil, yogurt, and honey.
  8. Apply lip balm or lip butter regularly to prevent dry, chapped lips.
  9. Use a heavier eye cream to moisturize the under eye area and to fight fine lines.
  10. Switch to a creamy, moisturizing body wash to combat dry skin.

For more beauty tips or to schedule a skincare service, please contact Dr. Sajjadian’s office.