The History of Plastic Surgery

Think plastic surgery is just a trend for the modern times? Think again. The history of plastic surgery is both long and fascinating. Let’s go on a historical journey today and learn a bit more about the roots of aesthetic enhancement.

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Breast Augmentation Through the Years

The first known breast augmentation occurred in 1895. Tissue from the back was transplanted into the breast to correct a case of asymmetry after a tumor removal. Breast augmentation with implants followed shortly thereafter and has been occurring since the late nineteenth century. In the early days of implants, a variety of different substances were used to fill the implant (not just saline and silicone, like today) including glass balls, ground rubber, ox cartilage, and more.  Surgeons also experimented with various injectable fillers. The first silicone implant was developed in 1961 and released for

 use the next year. The first saline implant came a few years later in 1964. Breast augmentation is currently the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in the United States.

A Brief History of Rhinoplasty

The first written record of nose repair surgery is thousands of years old, found in a transcription of Ancient Egyptian medical text from 3000 to 2500 BC. Many years later, the ancient physician Sushruta (approx. 800 BC) used plastic surgery techniques to reconstruct noses that were removed as punishment (criminal, religious, etc.). He actually developed the forehead flap rhinoplasty method that is still used in some instances for nasal reconstruction today. Currently, rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures and a specialty of Dr. Sajjadian’s, a triple board-certified plastic surgeon and respected educator and writer. Rhinoplasty can be performed on both Caucasian and ethnic patients and is often used to correct nasal obstructions.

Liposuction: Then and Now

The first known U.S. liposuction was performed in 1982 after U.S. surgeons visited France to investigate and learn about the procedure. In the late 1990s, surgeons started using ultrasound to liquefy fat prior to removal. Today, more than 30 years since that first U.S. liposuction, techniques are more advanced than they’ve ever been and patient safety has improved dramatically. One big innovation is the ability to reuse fat removed from liposuction. Using fat grafting techniques, unwanted fat in one area can become a natural filler, providing additional contour in another (the Brazilian butt lift is a great example).

The techniques used in plastic surgery have come a long way since the first cosmetic surgery procedures, but one thing remains constant: men and women want to look their best. Come in a see Dr. Sajjadian, an award-winning plastic surgeon known for his excellent patient care and use of advanced surgical techniques. As you can see, plastic surgery is constantly changing and improving and you need a surgeon willing to learn and adapt as new techniques are developed.