Showering After Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty is a major surgery and during recovery even the tiniest, most routine things like showering can be a little difficult. It’s something a lot of our Newport Beach tummy tuck clients don’t think about until the first time the get ready to take a shower post-op so we thought we’d put a little list of tips to make showering easier for our Newport Beach clients along with whoever else may need help post abdominoplasty.

  • The most important factor to remember is to discuss with your surgeon if you should or should not take shower.
  • Have someone available to help you in and out of the shower and also to dry you off. The abdominoplasty disturbs the majority of your core muscles so any movement that involves moving your entire body with likely be difficult and painful for the first week or two.
  •  If you can sit while showering, do so. If you don’t have a little bench or stool in the shower, purchasing a shower chair or stool can help a lot. Standing and balancing is not easy when your core muscles have been operated on.
  • Put off washing your hair for a few days unless you have someone to help you wash it.  Lifting your arms above your shoulders may be difficult and painful since doing so likely pulls on the abdominal muscles. The last thing you want is shampoo in the eyes just because you’re having trouble washing your hair.  There are also dry shampoo kits that someone can help you with.
  • Have someone help you lotion up after the shower. With all that’s you’ve been through it’s easy for the skin to get dehydrated and dry. Lotion will feel amazing.
  • Rest after showering.  Showering may be a simple activity that you took for granted in the past but now that you’ve had an abdominoplasty, everything takes more effort than it used to the first few weeks post-op.  Take a nap after showering, you deserve it.

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