Rhinoplasty for a Refined, Narrow Nose

One of the more common questions we get about rhinoplasty here in our Newport Beach office is whether or not narrowing a wide nose would look natural.  The answer is “Absolutely!” Refining and narrowing a wide nose is something that rhinoplasty does very well…as long as it’s done by a skilled and experience board-certified plastic surgeon.  A nose job can easily look terribly unnatural if too much is taken away or a proper transition from bridge to tip is not made. Narrowing the nose too much can also interfere with breathing if it is not done properly.

In general the nostrils should only be narrowed occasionally and judiciously. Having a nostril flare (curvature of the nostrils – curving out, then in) is perfectly natural and not to have one can easily look unnatural. Here in Newport Beach, narrowing the nostrils is done by making small incisions on the inside or outside of the nose. If done well, these scars are barely visible. If too much nostril is removed, though, scars are often more visible and are difficult to reverse.

The concept of facial beauty here in Newport Beach, continually evolves and a bit of nostril flare is a perfectly acceptable and even desirable trait among most of our clientele. Many of the ethnic celebrities (Rhianna for example) are a perfect examples of balancing ethnicity and facial beauty.  Many have beautiful noses with natural nostril flares.

However, many of our clients in Newport Beach who have more nostril flare than they desire undergo rhinoplasty for narrowing and are extremely pleased with their results. More often than not, the upper part of the nose (called the dorsum or bridge), gets narrowed with the rhinoplasty. This can be done with or without tip refinement. Tip refinement is often done to provide a smooth transition from the tip to the bridge.

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