Post- Breast Augmentation At-Home Care

Breast augmentation can give you the breasts of your dreams, but if you don’t take proper care of them, the results would be short lasting. These tips will help you keep your newly augmented breasts looking their best.

Take Time to Recover

Patients often ask, “How soon can I return to work after breast augmentation?” Although you will be back on your feet in just a few days and able to return to many activities in just a couple weeks, it is important to take time to recover. Give yourself time to rest. Take it easy. Following recovery instructions carefully will help your breasts to heal properly and reduce the risk of complications. You’ll be enjoying these new breasts for years; give yourself a few days to heal.

Skip the Underwires

After breast augmentation you’ll want to avoid underwire bras for several weeks. The wires in an underwire bra can irritate your incisions, especially if you have an incision under the breast. Skip the underwire bras until you get the go-ahead from Dr. Sajjadian. He may recommend that you wear compression garments for several days after surgery.

Wear a Bra

Your new breasts might look perkier thanks to your implants, but they still need support. Wear a bra as much as you can. Some patients even choose to wear a sleep bra for a comfortable, light support while sleeping.

Massage Your Implants

For some women, breast massage can help keep the breasts smooth and soft after breast augmentation. Dr. Sajjadian may recommend that you massage your breasts to maintain the implant pocket. Basically you’ll move the implant inside of the pocket up, down, left, and right. If you are asked to perform breast massage, wait at least a week before starting. You’ll perform the massage more frequently during the early days after surgery and on a limited basis indefinitely. Here is some helpful information about massage after breast augmentation.

Get a Mammogram

Breast implants can make it more difficult to obtain clear mammogram imaging, but that doesn’t mean you should skip this important scan. Even with implants a mammogram is an important tool for catching breast cancer early. To get better results from your mammogram:

  • Tell Them About Your Implants: Before you book an appointment for a mammogram, tell the facility about your implants. Many imaging centers have technicians experienced in working with implants. Asking in advance will ensure you get the technician you need for your appointment.
  • Work with a Facility Experienced with Implants: Some imaging facilities are more experienced in working with implants than others. Ask friends and family with implants which imaging centers they recommend.

These tips will help you keep your newly augmented breasts healthy and beautiful. You love your new breasts… let’s keep them looking great!