Mommy Makeovers: Caring for You… (Part 2)

Continued from Mommy Makeovers: Caring for You… (part 1)

Addressing the myths associated with Mommy Makeovers…

3. Diet and exercise can get you back to your original shape, if you simply work hard enough. Not always… While diet and exercise are the best and preferred way to lose weight and get a toned body, muscle separation and laxity caused by the swelling of the uterus during pregnancy often require more than diligent physical activity and healthy eating. What’s great about mommy makeovers is that a tummy tuck or even a mini-tummy tuck which  targets just the lower portion of the abdomen, is often necessary to put the finishing touches on hard work done by diet and exercise.

4. A tummy tuck procedure will leave additional scarring if you’ve had a C-Section or Hysterectomy. False… Many Newport Beach plastic surgery clients who undergo a mommy makeover but have had a C-Section or hysterectomy can actually benefit from tummy tuck surgery because the procedure often minimizes the older scars and smooth excess skin, resulting in a smoother contour in those areas

5. Being dissatisfied with your physique is just part of being a mom, just accept it. BIG FAT FALSE!  Studies (and common sense) show that part of being a mom is taking care of yourself emotionally and physically so you can take better care of those around you. While it’s important to have realistic expectations, reality doesn’t dictate that you give up on looking and feeling good. If diet and exercise haven’t been enough to restore your body back to where you feel confident, a Mommy Makeover is an effective way to help.

The truth is, moms sacrifice a lot caring for others. In Newport Beach we want to do whatever we can to show how much we appreciate what mommies do.  Providing mommy makeover is just one way we can help mommies reward themselves with a healthy, happy body.

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