Liposuction: Things to Think About

There are so many forms of liposuction on the market here in Newport Beach and elsewhere, so we understand that it’s easy to get confused with what does what and which is best for you. So here we go through a few things to keep in mind when considering liposuction.

First off, traditional liposuction works on deeper, more stubborn layers of fat helping to reduce fat overall and create a more slender body shape.  SmartLipo is also great procedure that will help to remove unwanted fat deposits.  SmartLipo also helps to tighten the skin while removing the fat.  Neither liposuction nor SmartLipo are good a removing cellulite though.  Cellulite is a superficial layer of fat right below the skin.  Cellulaze is the best procedure to get rid of cellulite. It is minimally invasive and has the ability to smooth out skin and keep it cellulite-free.

When considering liposuction here are five important things to keep in mind when choosing a specific type of procedure:

1. Base your decision on the qualifications of the surgeon, not the “newness” or “fad” of a procedure or equipment.  Regardless of what type of procedure you choose, the success of your surgery will predominately rest upon the proficiency of your surgeon.  Rely on reputations and qualifications, not the tools they are using.  Be concerned if any professional spends their time and energy telling you why the machine they are going to use is so important to your outcome.  The best equipment means nothing when the human using it isn’t qualified and experienced.

2. Don’t let new technology blind you:  Newer procedures do not necessarily mean better procedures. In fact, the majority plastic surgeons prefer the tried and true tumescent liposuction procedure that’s been around for years. Tumsecent liposuction is still the gold standard by which other fat removal techniques are measured.  Our Orange County plastic surgery clients appear to agree, too, giving the procedure the highest of all liposuction ratings. When considering emerging liposuction technology, Dr. Ali Sajjadian suggests asking three questions: Does it work better than what is already available? Is it less expensive? And most importantly, is it safer and more predictable than what is already available?

3. Consult a surgeon who performs multiple kinds of liposuction: In Orange County, Dr. Ali Sajjadian performs tumescent liposuction, power assisted liposuction (PAL), and ultrasonic liposuction. Think about it, if you consult with someone who only performs SmartLipo, for example, that person is more likely to encourage you that SmartLipo is the way to go.  On the other hand, if you see a surgeon, like Dr. Sajjadian in Orange County who has multiple technologies under his belt, you’ll be dealing with someone who knows the nuances of each procedure and can customize the best approach specifically for you.

4. Truthfully, the procedures really aren’t all that different:  All invasive liposuction procedures are pretty similar. Usually the only difference is the approach to the treatment of the fat prior to its removal.

5. Lastly, read reviews and ratings about the procedure:  It’s always a good idea to see what real, honest people have to say about the procedures, good or bad.  Peruse our Orange County testimonials along with other websites like Realself.com reviews of procedures.  Many of the reviews and testimonials will give you an idea of what to expect from the procedures, how painful each approach is, the length of the procedure, and the amount of recovery time involved.

Here in Orange County, we want our clients to be well informed and knowledgeable about what options are available to them.  Contact our office today to schedule a consultation today.