Final Results after getting Breast Implants

After having breast implants put in, we warn all of our Newport Beach/ Costa Mesa clients that the absolute final results will take a little time to appear.  Initially there will be some swelling that hides the effects of the surgery but in general, breast implants take a little while before they “settle” to their final position and size on the chest.

If you’ve had a breast lift along with breast implants, the lift along with the swelling creates tension in the skin and breast will seem high on the chest wall for the first few weeks following breast augmentation surgery.  The breast implants will eventually “settle” down farther on the chest with time.  The breast implant will “settle”, both with respect to the overlying lifted skin and breast envelope, but also due to the effect of the overlying muscle, if it was placed under the muscle.

The type of breast implant can also make a difference. Saline implants have the a typical “relaxation”  that can change the shape slightly with time but silicone breast implants do not typically change other than what happens after initial swelling has gone done.

Although everyone who has breast implants put in will swell after surgery, some skin types don’t retract back as much as others. Younger skin tends to “bounce” back quicker and your overall health, plus other habits (i.e. smoking, eating habits) can determine how quickly you heal.  The initial healing phase takes about 6 to 8 weeks, before transitioning into a more long-term healing phase. Therefore, we encourage all of our Costa Mesa clients to have patience as their final results will take a few months to appear.

It’s not uncommon at all for patients to worry that their breast implants look larger than they expected in the first few weeks. Again this is from swelling and healing post-surgery. So don’t be alarmed. Following all the post-op recommendation will help the swelling to go down and soon the beautiful breasts you asked for will be there, right where you wanted them…it just takes a bit of time.

If you live in the Costa Mesa area and want to know more about breast implants or other services we provide, contact us today. We’d be more than happy to set up a consultation and answer all your questions.

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