Breathing after Rhinoplasty

Due to swelling of the lining and structures within the nose, breathing through the nose is often difficult temporarily following a rhinoplasty. But if too much cartilage is removed from the nose during rhinoplasty, breathing through the nose can be a long-term struggle. Thankfully, here in Costa Mesa we use newer techniques that allow the nose to be reshaped without the level of breathing problems we used to see years ago after having a rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty has evolved significantly in the last twenty years. In Costa Mesa we place the focus on re-positioning the structures of different part of the nose rather than removing a lot of cartilage. We do this to avoid long-term breathing problems. People who had rhinoplasties years ago, however, often complain of sleeplessness and other nasal airway problems ever since having their surgery. This was likely because too much cartilage was removed making it likely for the sides of the nose collapse during breathing, particularly inspiration through the nostrils. We do get a lot of referrals from many plastic surgeons for revision of their patients because of breathing and cosmetic problems.

For those who’ve had a rhinoplasty years ago that left them with breathing difficulties, a revision rhinoplasty can help correct the problem.  Over-operated areas of the nose can be corrected by making a tiny pocket and then re-grafting cartilage taken from behind the ear or farther inside the nose into these tiny pockets as reinforcement to keep the nostrils from collapsing. Spreader flaps or spreader grafts created from ear or rib cartilage can improve cosmetic and breathing problems.

Studies show about a 98% reported improvement in nasal breathing after having these revision rhinoplasties.  These results are so encouraging because many of our revision rhinoplasty clients here in Costa Mesa tell us they thought they just had to live without breathing through their nose. You can imagine how relieved they are to finally take a deep breath through their nostrils.  Many people also had fitful sleep due to difficulty breathing through their nose and are so happy to have uninterrupted sleep once again.  They don’t know why they waited so long!

If you are in the Costa Mesa area and have had a rhinoplasty that left you unable to breathe through your nose or if you’re interested in a rhinoplasty (that won’t leave you with any breathing difficulties long-term) contact our office today.