Face Lift Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Routinely in Newport Beach we get questions regarding the ins and outs of the facelift procedure and we are more than happy to keep our clients become well informed. This helps our patients to be less worried and they will enjoy the process better. Here are the top five FAQs about facelift surgery.

  1. Where do the incisions go, and will I need to have sutures removed? We typically hide the incisions for facelifts behind the ear and along the hairline above the ear.  Occasionally clients require an incision beneath the chin to allow access to the neck area to tighten up the muscles in front. There are often stitches in front of the ear and those are removed after five or six days Skin clips in the scalp are removed in approximately ten days.
  2. When will I be back out in public?  When you go out in public often relies more on how comfortable you are with the swelling and how you look rather than how you feel. Most of our clients report some discomfort over the first few days, but it is easily controlled by the prescribed pain medication. The majority of the swelling will be resolved within eight to ten days, which is when most Newport Beach plastic surgery clients resume normal social activities. Bruising generally resolves in three weeks but it can be fairly easily covered with make-up. Of course, some clients prefer to wait until the bruising has disappeared before attending any major social events, or if they want to look their best before being seen by their friends.
  3. Will others notice I have had a facelift? Gee, I hope so! However, it will look natural!  I mean of course you want some noticeable difference otherwise you probably wouldn’t be considering a facelift in the first place. Actually, the only people who may “know” you had a procedure done are those who see you frequently but others will just notice how great you look! The main goal is you are happy with how it looks, more youthful and rested. Patients often report to Dr. Murphy that their friends tell them that they look rested or rejuvenated.
  4. What are the possible complications of a facelift? Infection or bleeding can occur but are very rare, infection being particularly rare. Numbness over the cheek and neck areas can occur due to the nerves under the skin being disturbed. But this usually resolves over a period of months. However, it is not uncommon to have some fairly minimal permanent numbness along the areas of the incisions. Permanent numbness of larger areas, in particular of the ears, occurs less that 1% of the time. Smokers, unfortunately, are at increased risk of areas of poor healing that may lead to poor quality scars after a facelift. Other more rare complications can occur and your plastic surgeon will go over any and all of them before your procedure.
  5. How long will a facelift last? The duration of a facelift depends on many factors such as the quality of their skin when we start, including the degree of sun damage or loss of elasticity. Smokers typically have poorer quality of skin due to the chemicals in the smoke and tobacco. While the facelift can reverse many changes that occur with age, it cannot stop the effects age will have after the surgery.  Older clients will see an earlier return of laxity, while younger patients will see more long-lasting improvement. In fact, we rarely have clients return less than ten years after a facelift.

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