Exploring the Benefits of a Facelift

Early facelifts focused primarily on just tightening skin but nowadays facelifts do much, much more. Here in the Santa Ana area, we rejuvenate faces by repositioning muscle, skin, and fat during a facelift. In general, the best candidates for facelift surgery are those who show some signs of facial aging but still possess some skin elasticity (the ability of the skin to stretch and shrink).

Ideally, this includes those younger than eighty although there are always exceptions. Regardless of age before you get a face-lift, you should be in overall good health and have realistic expectations. A facelift can take years off of your face but it won’t completely change your appearance or make you look like someone else.

If you’ve decided to explore a facelift and live in the Santa Ana area, contact Dr. Sajjadian today for a consultation. During your consultation we will talk about your goals for your facelift. We want to hear what you want to change and why. We’ll also talk about your current health, your medical history, any prescriptions or supplements you take, and whether or not you smoke.

We can also discuss whether or not you will need additional minor changes, such as a chin implant or eyebrow lift all of which are commonly done in combination with a facelift.  We have multiple before and after photos here on our website and in the office to help you know what you may want for your facelift.

Unfortunately, in most cases, health insurance companies doesn’t cover cosmetic surgery unless there is a medical reason for it to be done. If you have to cover the costs yourself, our Santa Ana facelift office will happily discuss the complete list of all the costs, including anesthesia, follow-up care, and any required prescriptions with you so there won’t be any surprises. However, it’s always a good idea to ask your health insurance company about its policies and if they cover cosmetic surgeries such as facelifts.

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