I Have a Deviated Septum. Can Rhinoplasty or Septoplasty Correct This?

If you’ve been told you have a deviated septum, you may be looking for ways to improve your ability to breathe. Many patients don’t know where to start. See Dr. Sajjadian for personalized advice from a triple-board-certified surgeon with extensive experience performing nasal surgeries. Call us today and schedule your appointment. Breathing easier is just a surgery… Read More >>

Nose Surgery to Help a Chronically Stuffy Nose?

You may be surprised that millions of Americans suffer the discomfort of nasal stuffiness on a consistent if not seasonal basis. This may be because of chronic breathing problems that don’t respond well to ordinary treatment. The stuffiness may be due to structural abnormalities inside the nose, like a deviated septum or from swelling caused by allergies and/or viruses…. Read More >>