Breast Implants and Baseballs…

You are probably asking, what in the world are you talking about? What do breast implants have to do with baseballs? Well, there is a rather good analogy that compares breast implants with baseballs when considering how natural your breast implants will look and whether or not it will be best to have the breast implants placed above or beneath the chest muscles.

If you take a baseball and cover it with a thin silk sheet, what will it look like? Just like a baseball, you will even see the stitching because the sheet is thin. Now think about what it will look like if you take that same baseball and cover it with a comforter. Now it may depends on how thick the comforter is but generally it will cover more than the sheet and you will see just a softly shaped lump.

Now take that comparison to your specific chest wall. If you can see your ribs then your specific body will likely have a harder time disguising the breast implant whether it is placed under or over the muscle. For our Costa Mesa clients that are very slender we recommend silicone breast implants because they are more likely to appear natural than saline breast implants under thin skin and muscle. If you have a thicker skin or more breast tissue to begin with you may have the option of going under or over the muscle with your breast implants.

Of course there are always exception to the rule. For example, consider this:  What happens if you change the baseball to a volleyball? Regardless of whether you put it under or over the muscle it will not look natural. Another factor in play is the shape of the breast implant. Some anatomically shaped breast implants we’ve used in Costa Mesa produce very little significant difference in outcome with the exception of breast cancer reconstruction.

Choosing what breast implant size, shape and method of placement is very specific to the individual so if you live in the Costa Mesa area and are interested in learning more about breast implants, contact our office today.