Breast Enhancement via Fat Transfer

There are a number of creams, both hormonal and homeopathic, that promise breast enhancement but rarely are their claims substantial. Sadly, so many become victim to their get results quick and cheap, scam.

Breast enhancement through fat injections also seems to be quite popular around Newport Beach.  Many plastic surgeons use fat injections to help breast reconstruction clients needing minor or sometimes even major enhancements of the breast.  It appears that with fat transfer, breast enhancement can only give one cup size.  The procedure is long and tedious, sometimes taking up to seven hours for one round of fat augmentation. The cost is quite expensive for just one cup size, and then frequently has to be repeated if it isn’t large enough for the client’s wishes so one has to consider whether this is the best use of funds.

There are also many unknowns about fat transfer for breast enhancement. Currently, it’s not known if this method will hide any cancer, or cause long term effects that may mask cancer by causing calcium deposits. As you can imagine, this can be dangerous. Also if fat is placed into the breast without fat grafting, it can lead to lumps of fat necrosis and scarring in the breast. Not really the breast enhancement most women want.

So needless to say, there is definitely room for more research and experience with fat transfer for breast enhancement. Here in Newport Beach we want all our clients and prospective clients to be well informed and we will never do anything that may cause more harm than good.  Breast enhancement with breast implants is still the best method for producing reliable results in a safe, time tested way.

If live in the Newport Beach area and you are interested in learning more about breast enhancement techniques, contact our office today. We spend a great deal of time with our patients to discuss the pros and cons of breast augmentation by fat transfer.