Botox® and Depression

Recent studies suggest that it may be possible to help combat depression by using Botox® to reduce the ability to furrow that brow and make unhappy facial expressions. Even here in Newport Beach, clients tell us how much more positive they feel after experiencing the wonderful results of Botox®.  Psychologists and psychiatrists have known for decades that facial expressions have a significant impact on your mood whether you realize it or not.  Multiple studies have shown that smiling, whether or not you’re initially feeling happy at the time, can start to change your mood after a while. And it’s also known that an angry or worried expression can cause a person to feel down, depressed or anxious. Facial expressions also affect how those around you interact with you and that too can have an effect, positive or negative, on your mood.

Botox® is already an extremely popular procedure for our Newport Beach clients and around the world. Botox® is known to correct wrinkles and creases on the face, help with migraines and other headaches, and now it seems that it can also help with mood. Many people think that our emotions cause our facial expressions and while that is still true, the opposite is also true. Our facial expressions and body posture can and often do influence our emotions and attitudes. It can be a vicious cycle as well. You may feel sad and angry so you frown and furrow…because you frown and furrow, you feel angrier and sad, so on and so forth…

This is cutting edge medical knowledge from years of research. This type of “outside-in” therapy that controls emotions and feelings goes on more than people realize. Light therapy is another example of this type of treatment. The light stimulates the optic nerve which then sends positive signals to the brain to treat seasonal depression. A cold wet sheet can treat severe agitation and many people are well aware of the positive results massage and acupuncture can have on emotions like anxiety and agitation.

So while Botox® may not be a cure-all for depression, it does seem to help. Just another positive result of Botox®. If you live in the Newport Beach area and are interested in learning more about what Botox® can do for, contact our office today!