Best Candidates for a Facelift in Orange County

We’ve found that the best candidates for a facelift in Orange County typically have certain important traits. While every case is unique and only a face to face consultation can determine who really is or is not a candidate for a facelift, here are few factors that can influence that decision.

  1. Good overall health is number one for determining whether or not one of our Orange County clients is a good candidate for a facelift or not. If there are any medical problems, they should be well under control and not pose a life-threatening risk during or after the procedure. Facelifts are invasive surgical procedures and will require significant healing and recovery. Smoking can make healing difficult and slow as well as cause complications during the facelift so we recommend anyone interested in getting a facelift, or in general, to quit smoking before any surgical procedure.
  2. Realistic expectations is another characteristic of an ideal facelift candidate here in Orange County because it’s important that a facelift candidate will understand not only what a facelift can realistically accomplish as well as what facelifts can’t accomplish. Here at our Orange County practice we help our clients gain the information needed to make the right decision about facelifts and other plastic surgeries.
  3. Good, strong bony framework/ structure is helpful in a facelift candidate because it will support and contribute to optimal results. Those who do not have a well-defined underlying bone structure are great candidates for facial implants as an alternative or addition to a facelift which we do often at our practice in Orange County.
  4. Elasticity of skin is another ideal feature in a facelift candidate because when there is still elasticity in the skin, the skin retains flexibility. Facelifts stretch the facial skin to remove wrinkles and successful healing can be achieved easier when the skin is fairly supple.

That being said, rarely does anyone have all the optimal qualifications to be a candidate for a facelift but that doesn’t mean the results will be less than optimal. We work with all of our clients here in Orange County to give them results that go beyond their expectations regardless of whether or not they are an “optimal” candidate. If you are in or around the Orange County area and are interested in learning more about whether or not you are a candidate for a facelift procedure, contact our office today for a consultation.

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