Am I a Good Candidate for MemoryShape® Implants?

Women preparing for breast augmentation often have a lot questions about implants. They wonder which implant will best achieve their aesthetic goals. They worry about the advantages and disadvantages of each choice. The good news is, in the hands of a skilled surgeon like Dr. Sajjadian, most implant options can look great on most women. Rest assured that Dr. Sajjadian will carefully guide you through the implant selection process and will help you choose a type and size of implant that will complement your body and your desired look. His extensive work with implants of almost every shape and size gives him an extensive understanding of which implants will work best for which women.

One blog post isn’t long enough to analyze the best candidates for every type of implant we offer, but we can take a deeper look at one of our popular implant choices, the MENTOR® MemoryShape® implants. Learn more about them below and if you think they may be a good fit, talk with Dr. Sajjadian about them at your consultation

How Are MemoryShape® Implants Different?

MemoryShape® implants a special type of silicone breast implants. Rather than being filled with a silicone gel, they are filled with a cohesive silicone gel (thicker and more solid than traditional silicone implants). This allows the implants to hold its shape better, to feature a unique, natural-looking teardrop shape and to have a low risk of rupture.

Are MemoryShape® Implants Right for Me?

MemoryShape® implants work well on many different body types, shapes and sizes. Let’s take a quick look at some of the features a good candidate for these implants may have.

  • 22 or Older: Like other silicone implants, MemoryShape® implants are only FDA-approved for cosmetic use in women 22 and older. Saline implants are a good choice for younger patients wanting breast augmentation.
  • Want Larger, More Shapely Breasts: Memory Shape implants are a great choice for women that want to enhance their natural breasts. They can make the breasts larger, help restore volume lost after pregnancy and breast feeding and create a stunning, voluptuous shape for your breasts.
  • Desire Natural Look and Feel: MemoryShape® implants are well known for their natural-looking shape. They feature a unique teardrop design that is thinner near the top and gradually sloping to full projection. This mimics the natural breast shape. The cohesive gel is very natural and youthful feeling.
  • Want a Safe and Effective Implant: MemoryShape® implants are a safe and effective option for breast augmentation. They are FDA-approved, have been in use for over a decade and have been used in more than 70 countries around the world.

MemoryShape® implants have a very high patient satisfaction rating (approximately 97%) and are a favorite choice of both our patients and Dr. Sajjadian.

Are MemoryShape® implants right for you? Come see Dr. Sajjadian and find out. He can help you determine which implant will best meet your goals.