About Asian Rhinoplasty

We perform many Asian rhinoplasties here in Orange County due to our large Asian population. Most people don’t realize how different an Asian rhinoplasty is from a Western rhinoplasty. The nasal features of Asians and most Westerners are completely different and this requires specific maneuvers or techniques that are used to address each of the differences.

A simple way to think about it is that most Asian noses that we see here in Orange County typically need “more” nose, and Westerners needing “less” nose.  The Asians tend to have short nasal bones, a depressed dorsum bridge, an overall short nose, with a wide nasal tip, thick skin, weak cartilage, round nostrils, nostrils which show too much on the front view, a narrow columella (area between the nostrils), and a tip which points up too much (over-rotated) or not at all (broad and flat).

Because of these features an Asian rhinoplasty requires the following techniques: Addition of cartilage (or implant) to augment the dorsum; increased support with cartilage added to the columella, nasal tip implant, lowering of the nostrils, and perhaps osteotomy (bone cuts) to narrow the bridge.

In Orange County we most frequently perform Asian rhinoplasties to refine and raise the tip.  A lot of surgeons use the “open” approach, which means there will be a small incision at the base (columella) of the nose.  Remember the nose above all is a functional organ for breathing.  Before doing any rhinoplasty we always take a look inside at the septum and turbinates of the nose in case there are any structure aspects that need to be fixed to improve breathing, etc…

Of course whatever is done to improve the appearance of your nose depends upon your individual facial aesthetics and balance.  Your rhinoplasty may require treating your bones, cartilage, and/or adding graft in the form of cartilage or silicone.  Contact our Orange County office today if you have any questions about rhinoplasties whether you are Asian or not. We will happily sit down with you and have a detailed discussion about all the options we have available for your cosmetic needs.