5 Tips to Prepare for your Rhinoplasty Consultation

Feeling informed and prepared for your rhinoplasty consultation can help reduce anxiety. Even better, it will help ensure you get the most from your appointment and are on track for the results you want.

Dr. Sajjadian, a highly renowned and triple board-certified rhinoplasty surgeon in Newport Beach, provides his top 5 tips to get patients ready for a consultation

Research Rhinoplasty Surgeons

Spend time researching the surgeons in your area. Select just those who specialize in the procedure you want.

Numerous surgeons perform cosmetic surgery of all kinds, but the nose is a highly complex area. The level of skill, attention to detail, and experience you want comes from a facial plastic surgeon who has extensive rhinoplasty experience.

Keep in mind that any licensed physician can perform rhinoplasty legally in the US. Still, it’s vital for your surgeon to have the right credentials. That includes board certification, regular practice, and good standing in the medical industry.

You should review their before and after nose job photos to ensure they consistently deliver the kind of results you’re dreaming of.

Have Realistic Expectations

If you walk into your consultation appointment having decided exactly what result you want or envisioning someone else’s nose, you may be disappointed.

Your realistic options will relate to your nose and facial structure, plus many other factors. The rhinoplasty patients who are most satisfied with results understand that improvements can make a dramatic change, but perfection is never realistic.

Communicate with Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Some people hesitate to express their concerns or desires to their surgeon because they feel intimidated, shy, or nervous. However, you should feel welcomed and encouraged to communicate. Your consultation is for you, and your doctor won’t know what’s on your mind unless you share freely.

You’ll be asked to provide a medical history and other health-related information. Please be honest, and let your surgeon know about conditions, medications, or other substances you take as they could affect your results.

Communicate with the Staff

Your consultation is also designed to introduce you to the support staff at the clinic. They should be friendly and supportive, and you should understand who to reach out to with questions and who will provide you with recovery care. It’s essential to be comfortable with the entire team, as this significantly impacts your overall experience.

Prepare Questions Ahead of Time

You may have plenty of questions while researching at home and discussing nose jobs with friends, but once you arrive at your appointment, it’s easy to forget. This happens to most people, and it’s completely normal. We recommend writing down your questions and bringing that list with you on the day of consultation.

Take the Next Step with a Rhinoplasty Consultation!

You don’t need to rush when deciding to have facial plastic surgery. A supportive plastic surgeon will help guide you and ensure you feel entirely confident in your choice before proceeding. It all starts with a consultation.

We invite you to call our Newport Beach office at (949)-515-0550 or contact us online to arrange your rhinoplasty consultation today.