Will Rhinoplasty Change the Entire Look of My Face?

Many patients who struggle with an overly large or uniquely shaped nose hope that rhinoplasty will result in a huge transformation. They want to see a complete change in the way their face looks. Since the nose is one of the prominent features on the face, a change can have a big impact. However, for the best results, subtle is often the best choice. With rhinoplasty, you can look like you, only more attractive.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that can improve the appearance and functionality of the nose. This surgery is often used to correct oversized or crooked noses. It can also be used to correct breathing problems (both genetic and caused by trauma/injury). Revision rhinoplasty can correct errors from a previous rhinoplasty.

Matching Your Nose to Your Face

An important consideration in rhinoplasty is ensuring that a nose continues to mesh well with the facial structure, even after surgery. For male patients, this means a bold, strong nose with masculine features. Female patients typically need a smaller, more feminine nose. Patients from a non-Caucasian background need to be especially careful in this respect. If a surgeon not experienced in ethnic rhinoplasty performs the surgery, patients may end up with a nose that is too small to balance out their other ethnic features.

In rhinoplasty, harmony and balance are the keys to success. The nose should complement the other facial features. A nose that looks great on one patient might be entirely too large, too small or too bold for another patient. Choose a surgeon with an artistic eye who can create a nose that works with your unique facial structure.

Subtle Change Yields Big Results

Subtle change often yields big aesthetic results. Removing a bump or rotating the tip of the nose might seem like small changes, but when performed properly, they can have a big impact. Dr. Sajjadian believes in making small, subtle changes to the nose to yield big results. As he brings the nose into better proportion with the rest of the face, he can transform your entire look, while still retaining your unique aesthetic appeal.

If you want to transform your face and dislike the look of your nose, see Dr. Sajjadian. A few subtle changes to your nose can make a big difference in your appearance. Don’t worry; you’ll still look like you, just a whole new version.