Will I have Scars after Liposuction?

Clients from all over the Newport Beach area come to see Dr. Sajjadian for liposuction and understandably they want to know what scarring they should expect. Rarely they are scared off by scars but it’s good to know what to prepare for.  There are horror stories out there that talk of terrible bruising and scarring that used to occur more frequently in older liposuction techniques. Thankfully, a lot of progress has been made in this field and you can easily have liposuction without worrying about significant liposuction scars.

Any incision into the skin can leave a scar but those associated with the modern techniques of liposuction, like the ones we do here in Newport Beach, are very tiny and essentially invisible. Any qualified plastic surgeon can place an incision in a location where it will be difficult to see. Liposuction is also far less invasive than it used to be, but here are some facts you need to know about potential liposuction scars to help alleviate some of your concerns.

In the old days, traditional liposuction involved making a fairly large incision to accommodate a large tube (a cannula) which was inserted into the skin and moved around vigorously to loosen and then suck out the excess fat with a powerful vacuum. Today plastic surgeons most commonly perform tumescent liposuction. This type of liposuction uses extremely small micro-cannulas which make tiny incisions, not much bigger than the tip of a pin. Tumescent liposuction also involves using an injection of an anesthetic saline solution into the area which minimizes bleeding and makes the fat easier to remove using smaller tools. If liposuction scars do occur, they will be very tiny, nearly invisible, and should fade quickly.

Another type of liposuction we do here in Newport Beach is laser-assisted and ultrasound-assisted liposuction.  When these types of liposuction are done, fat cells are liquefied by heat, making them easier to remove. These techniques are less invasive and typically cause less bruising and scarring. However, some plastic surgeons are concerned that scars from this type of liposuction can occur from possible burning of the skin due to the heat that is generated during the procedure.

Traditional abdominal liposuction is a type of liposuction that usually involves only one or two tiny incisions on the upper and lower stomach area. These liposuction scars heal very quickly and will easily blend into your skin’s natural color. Most plastic surgeons will try to try to place the incisions in places that are typically hidden from view.

If you’re concerned about scarring or want to know more about the procedures we perform, contact Dr. Sajjadian’s office today to schedule a consultation.  We will be more than happy to help.

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