Why is the Demand for Preservation Rhinoplasty Growing?

One of the trending procedures in plastic surgery is preservation rhinoplasty. This new and innovative technique is changing the landscape of nose reshaping surgery. Double-board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Sajjadian, a rhinoplasty specialist, offers this minimally invasive and less traumatic operation to his patients in Newport Beach, Orange County, and beyond.

Preservation rhinoplasty addresses patient concerns about results appearing unnatural with the prediction of outcome more certain.

Preservation Rhinoplasty Recognized

The plastic surgery community recognizes that preservation rhinoplasty has caught the attention of nose surgeons worldwide. This philosophical approach allows Dr. Sajjadian to preserve as much natural nasal structure as possible. This includes cartilaginous structures of the nose bridge and its soft tissue ligaments.

Dr. Sajjadian performs a large number of rhinoplasty surgeries each year from his practice in Newport Beach. He has been a significant factor in the interest of preservation rhinoplasty increasing in the Orange County communities. His patients continue to become selective when choosing a skilled and qualified plastic surgeon; they want a surgeon who can deliver outstanding results with the latest in advanced technologies and techniques.

While Dr. Sajjadian feels revision rhinoplasty may be helpful in many cases, he cautions his fellow rhinoplasty surgeons to show prudence when adopting this groundbreaking approach. They should not choose this technique over one they are more familiar with until they have mastered it.

What Is Preservation Rhinoplasty?

Preservation rhinoplasty is a nose-reshaping surgery aimed to preserve much of the patient’s original nose tissue as possible.

The operation requires advanced surgical skill to alter nose contour by strategically removing small amounts of cartilage and bone from under the nose bridge. By doing so, Dr. Sajjadian can lower the height of the nose bridge without modifying the dorsal lines.

The Difference Between Preservation Rhinoplasty and Traditional Rhinoplasty

Most rhinoplasty patients want to reduce the height of their nose bridge. Having an arch or hump in the bridge is not a desirable trait.

After a traditional rhinoplasty, patients experience a reduction in their dorsal hump. Still, they may feel the results appeared unnatural because of an alteration in their dorsal lines.

Because traditional rhinoplasty requires removing bone and cartilage from the top of the bridge, the operation significantly alters the nasal bone structure. While a conventional rhinoplasty corrects a large bump on the nose bridge, the procedure modifies the nose’s natural lines, which may result in an unnatural appearance.

With preservation rhinoplasty, Dr. Sajjadian alters the height of the nasal bridge by removing cartilage and bone from underneath the nose. He maintains a natural nose appearance while successfully adjusting the nose bridge elevation.

The resulting appearance for his patients is much more appealing, and the need for revision rhinoplasty less likely.

Preservation Rhinoplasty Offers Shorter Recovery

A substantial benefit of preservation rhinoplasty is related to where on the nose Dr. Sajjadian performs the surgery. During a traditional rhinoplasty, the operation will interfere with soft tissues to remove cartilage and bone. These soft tissues contain lymphatics and blood vessels responsible for blood circulation and healing.

Preservation rhinoplasty takes place in a different location. Dr. Sajjadian does not interfere with soft tissue during the operation, bringing an added benefit to the procedure. Without the disturbance of blood supply to the area, healing is more efficient and faster, resulting in a shorter recovery.

Less Scarring with Closed Preservation Rhinoplasty Technique

Another plus in choosing preservation rhinoplasty is it employs a closed technique rather than the less complex open rhinoplasty surgery. This endonasal approach to reduce a nasal bump avoids external incision or scarring. It still allows Dr. Sajjadian to push down the hump to improve the patient’s profile and offer a more natural result.

Surgeons who Perform Preservation Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is considered the most difficult cosmetic surgery by plastic surgeons. Closed rhinoplasty is more difficult to learn, and closed preservation rhinoplasty has an even higher learning curve for some surgeons. Dr. Sajjadian is one of a few select rhinoplasty specialists in the United States who perform preservation surgery.

The majority of rhinoplasty surgeons in the United States perform reductive rhinoplasty with an open approach. Open rhinoplasty is easier to learn for plastic surgeons. As a result, few rhinoplasty surgeons perform closed rhinoplasty to avoid external scarring and less swelling than the open technique. Only a handful of rhinoplasty surgeons perform closed preservation rhinoplasty because of its technical challenges and the difficulty of learning this advanced technique.

Why Dr. Sajjadian?

Newport Beach rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Ali Sajjadian is well respected in the rhinoplasty community because of his unparalleled results and exceptional health care. He listens intently to his patients to understand their aesthetic goals. By creating a tailored plan, he focuses on creating stunning outcomes for his patients. He considers each procedure a partnership between him and his patient to achieve optimal results. Dr. Sajjadian has dedicated his career to implementing advanced cosmetic surgery techniques, which has helped achieve minimal discomfort and natural, pleasing outcomes.

In 2015, 2016, and 2017, Dr. Sajjadian presented during multiple rhinoplasty meetings techniques for preserving the lower lateral cartilage, which is the principal structure of the nose’s lower portion and nasal tip. Since 2012, he has exclusively been doing sub perichondrial and subperiosteal dissection techniques. Over the years, he has incorporated different aspects of this technique into his rhinoplasty philosophy and methodology.

Dr. Sajjadian offers optimal cosmetic nose surgery (rhinoplasty), revision rhinoplasty for correction, and to improve appearance and function. Dr. Sajjadian has created beautiful and natural-looking surgical results for his patients for several years in Newport Beach, CA. He is passionate about cosmetic surgery of the face, breast, and body. He has delivered facial beauty through highly successful nose surgeries using the most sophisticated techniques and artistic methods.

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