What Plastic Surgery Trends Can We Expect to See on the Red Carpet This Year?

We know celebrities are gorgeous. As you watch your favorites walk down the red carpet, admiring how amazing they look, remember many of them have turned to plastic surgery to enhance their star quality looks, and you can too!

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Sajjadian! His areas of expertise and passionate, informative approach will assure that whatever you decide, you will be in the very best of care. Dr. Sajjadian’s talents and skills are respected amongst his professional peers and former clients alike.  As a double Board Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sajjadian delivers a highly personalized approach producing natural, enviable results – well worthy of receiving the esteemed honor as one of “America’s Top Physicians” for four consecutive years!

Which plastic surgery procedures are most popular with celebrities? Let’s take a look at a few you’re likely to see on the red carpet this year.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures, both for Hollywood starlets and the rest of us. Pamela Anderson, Tara Reid, Tori Spelling, Kaley Cuoco, and Lisa Rinna are just a few of the celebrities to openly admit to breast augmentation.

Whether the surgery is to increase a cup size or to restore lost volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding, choosing a skilled breast augmentation surgeon is essential. Dr. Sajjadian meets individually with each of his potential breast augmentation patients to discuss the procedure, the patient’s goals, and his approach in depth. His commitment to understanding each patient’s needs is one of the many reasons he has received “California’s Favorite Physician Award” many times.


Jennifer Aniston, Ashlee Simpson, Kathy Griffin, Janet Jackson, Cameron Diaz, and Ashley Tisdale have all had rhinoplasty. Some celebrities opt for the procedure to correct breathing problems caused by nasal structural issues (including a deviated septum) while others choose the procedure entirely for cosmetic reasons.

For a top-notch rhinoplasty surgeon, see Dr. Sajjadian. He is well known as one of the top rhinoplasty surgeons in California. He has extensive training in nasal surgery and uses publishing and professional lectures to share his knowledge with other surgeons and students in the field. He is well practiced in traditional rhinoplasty as well as ethnic and revision rhinoplasty.


You aren’t the only one struggling with stubborn fat deposits. Celebrities have this problem too. Some fat is highly resistant to diet and exercise making it extremely difficult to lose. For those perfect Hollywood bodies, sometimes liposuction is needed. Susan Sarandon, Sharon Osborne, and even the very buff Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have all admitted to liposuction.

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