What Is Recovery from Rhinoplasty Like?

Many rhinoplasty patients worry about their recovery. What should they expect? How long will they be down? Will it be painful? This helpful guide will answer some of your most pressing rhinoplasty recovery questions. If you don’t see your question on the list, ask Dr. Sajjadian. His experience as a triple-board certified surgeongives him a wide base of knowledge and experience to provide each patient with customized recovery advice.

Is Rhinoplasty Recovery Painful?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure and as such there is typically bruising, swelling, tenderness, soreness or numbness after surgery. This typically peaks 1-2 days after surgery and slowly gets better as your body heals. Dr. Sajjadian will do his best to help you manage the discomfort you may experience. Ask him if you’ll need pain medication and what steps he recommends for remaining comfortable as you heal.

What Can I Do to Aid Healing?

One of the best things you can do for your body after rhinoplasty is rest. Make time to sleep and do a lot of it. Resting helps the body to heal. Here are a few other things to do to aid your body in the healing process:

  • Keep Your Head Elevated: You’ll need to keep your head elevated for several days after surgery. Many patients find that sleeping in a comfortable chair or propped up in bed is a great way to accomplish this.
  • Take Your Medications: Dr. Sajjadian may give you painkillers, medications or antibiotics to take after surgery. Make sure you take any prescribed medications and that you closely follow Dr. Sajjadian’s instructions.
  • Drink Water: When you’re recovering from surgery, it’s easy to forget the little things like eating and drinking. Take care of your body so it can heal as quickly as possible.
  • Don’t Smoke: Smoking isn’t good for your body in any situation, but it is especially detrimental after surgery. Don’t smoke for several weeks after surgery.
  • Avoid Exercise: Your newly-formed nose needs time to heal. Avoid exercise or activities where it might get bumped or injured for several weeks.
  • Take Baths: While your bandages are in place, skip the shower and opt for baths instead. Dr. Sajjadian will meet with you often after surgery and will remove your bandaging when your nose is ready.

How Long Does Rhinoplasty Recovery Take?

Most rhinoplasty patients take at least a week off from work (some patients even longer).  In general your bruising will be much better about 10-14 days after surgery. Plan your rhinoplasty for at least a month before any major social event. Even after the first month, your nose will continue to heal and change for several months.

If you’d like to learn more about rhinoplasty or ethnic rhinoplasty, call us and schedule your consultation with Dr. Sajjadian.

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