What Can A Nose Job Do For Me?

One of the more noticeable if not the most obvious features of the human face is the nose.  Most people who possess a well-proportioned nose may not realize how much it influences their overall appearance.  However, those who are not so pleased with their nose are all too aware of how big a difference a large hump or bulb-like tip can make.  Getting a nose job or rhinoplasty from Dr. Sajjadian in Newport Beach can do a lot to the appearance of your nose. Minor refinement can dramatically change the way the face and overall attractiveness in person.

Most individuals who seek out rhinoplasty get a combination of changes done.  They may want to get a little taken off the top “hump” which is known as a hump reduction.  This feature often most noticeable in a person’s profile is one of the top reasons people elect for rhinoplasty.  “Humps” can easily make the nose look crooked and “beak-like” and may even be a result of trauma to bridge of the nose that left an unwanted reminder of the event.

Tip refinement is another common change done during rhinoplasty.  Many ethnicities have unique characteristic tips of the nose. For example many Asians and African Americans have a more bulbous aspect of the nose tip.  Some love it, some don’t. If you don’t love yours, it can be changed too. Sometimes the tip just has an awkward or not proportional spacing between it and the upper lip. A more attractive angle between the tip of the nose and upper lip can be achieved by performing a tip rotation.

Perhaps you would like a more prominent nasal bridge or project and define the tip of the nose more than it currently is.  Augmentation or projection of the nose is another procedure many ethnicities, especially Asians, choose to have done during their rhinoplasty.  This gives more definition to the face, particularly the profile view.

If you feel like your nostrils are too large or maybe uneven something can be done about that too.  Alar base reduction is a procedure used to narrow the nostrils and make them more uniform. With just a tiny incision at the base of each nostril a wedge of tissue can be removed to make the nose appear smaller and narrower.  The natural continuity of the nose is preserved. Check out Dr. Sajjadian’s before and after photos on our website to get ideas on what you would want to do to your nose.

Whatever your reason for getting a nose job, Dr. Sajjadian offers many refinement options to achieve your vision. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment so we can give you the nose you’ve been dreaming of.