Types of Implants for Breast Augmentation

There are two basic types of textured breast implants that Dr. Sajjadian uses for breast augmentation in his Newport Beach practice.  They are smooth and textured and they both come in silicone and saline forms.  There are two main reasons to consider using textured rather than smooth implants. The first is reduced capsular contracture, which is when scar tissue surrounds the implant causing pain and constriction of the implant.  The second reason is to prevent breast implants from “flipping over” after breast augmentation surgery. The main downfall of textured implants it that they have a higher rupture rate (still rare) and a stiffer shell.

Critics of textured silicone implants complain of this stiffer outer shell, citing their rigidity, the ability to feel and see folds and wrinkles underneath the skin.  Smooth silicone implants are softer, have fewer wrinkles, and last longer overall. The majority of plastic surgeons, here in Newport Beach and the United States generally prefer the smooth walled silicone implants for breast augmentation because of their mobile and tactile qualities. However, the textured breast implants are favored more in other countries and generally sell at a premium compared to the smooth implants.

Many plastic surgeons will reserve textured silicone implants for revision surgery to correct capsular contracture.  Textured silicone implants are also very useful for women who have full but droopy breasts and need a little lift to reshape the breast. These textured silicone implants serve as “Velcro” attaching to and securing the overlying breast flaps. These work great as long as the volume is not excessive, otherwise eventually gravity will win and the breast will droop again.

Remember, the best implant for your breast augmentation surgery is the implant you and your plastic surgeon select based on your desired results, body frame and many other factors.  If you live in the Newport Beach area and want to know more about breast augmentation or other procedures we provide, contact Dr. Sajjadian today!