Top Reasons Women Opt for Breast Augmentation

Some taboos are meant to be broken and talking openly about breast augmentation is one of them. What used to be a hush-hush surgery is no longer whispered about at the water cooler. Women are choosing to openly discuss their procedures prior to and following surgery.

According to the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation is the most widely performed surgery in the United States, with nearly 300,000 procedures performed per year. The statistics shows little signs of slowing down.

The stigma associated with breast augmentation is abating. Women who opt for breast enhancement today come from all ethnicities, walks of life, and socio-economic backgrounds. Breast augmentation is considered another step up, albeit a more expensive and involved one on the way to meticulous grooming and a polished appearance.

All this is welcome news because breast enhancement surgery can make a positive difference in a woman’s life in many aspects. The way we look and the way we feel about ourselves has a strong impact on our world view. Women are finding their lives changed following breast augmentation and are discovering that their new silhouette and confidence is getting them noticed.

Why Breast Augmentation is Growing in Popularity

More trends than just openness and positive feelings about breast enhancement surgery are driving the uptick in breast augmentation. The introduction of new implants such as the “gummy bear” implants that offer a more natural look and new surgical techniques are also inspiring women to get the procedure.

There can be an improvement in attitude following breast augmentation and an uptick in self-esteem that comes with feeling confident in your own body and knowing your clothing fits the way it’s supposed to.

Competitive Work Environments

A youthful appearance is a top reason that women choose to enlarge their breasts. The job market is highly competitive with ideal jobs often going to younger employees. Women aged 50 and over have a difficult time as interviewers in their 30s feel they cannot relate to a woman who is more mature. Appearing younger than you are can give you a boost in the job market. Feeling younger and looking trim is a great incentive for all women, older and younger alike.

Younger women are turning to breast enhancement surgery to either restore, repair, or improve their bodies. Women who have completed their child-bearing years often want to give themselves a lift as they move into another stage of life. A breast augmentation combined with a mastopexy (lift) will bring back a pre-baby silhouette. Some women have lost weight and their breasts have changed shape. Sometimes the areola has shifted shape, Dr. Sajjadian can correct this as well.

Shifting Trends

An “enhanced,” rather than the larger-is-better breast encourages women to improve on what nature gave them. Some women found that that larger cup implants interfered with their ability to work out. Millennial women and their baby boomer counterparts, women age 60 plus who are opting for breast implants are changing the overall preference for smaller but fuller breasts. Millennials seem to have a natural preference for “natural” ingrained in them, while women in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s are also wanting to take advantage of the positive outcomes a fresh new look can have. Both Millennials and Boomers are moving away from uncomfortable underwire bras and are opting for sports bras, a staple which cannot support very large breasts.


A very common problem among young women is breast asymmetry. Asymmetry occurs when one breast is larger than the other. This condition can be corrected either by placing an implant in the smaller breast or reducing the size of the larger breast. Although asymmetry can be very difficult psychologically, particularly in the case of a teenager, it is rare that a plastic surgeon will perform breast augmentation on a teen under 18 years old.

Breast implants can also balance out the shape of your body, adding more curve and creating a more proportional silhouette.

A New Era: Natural Is In

Reasons for undergoing breast augmentation vary from woman to woman. Some women choose to undergo breast augmentation to feel sexier, or to restore their body post-weight loss or pregnancy. One thing is a recurring trend: most women still want to look natural. On August 17, 2017, The New York Post confirmed this trend declaring “the era of the jumbo implant is dead.”

The “gummy bear” implant, along with silicone implants are offering women to look enhanced rather than enlarged. Gummy bear implants are a type of silicone gel, and both regular silicone implants and gummy bear implants feel more natural and are soft to the touch. Silicone implants are softer, more pliable, more natural-looking and are closer to the natural feel of unenhanced breasts. Saline implants are a natural product but tend to look less natural in comparison to silicone implants. Saline implants are inserted into the breast and then filled up with a sterile saline solution. The incision is smaller, but the implant is not as soft or natural feeling as a silicone implant.

Your Breast Augmentation Options

When it comes to the size of the implant you select, your age does not make any difference. You can choose to be as endowed as you like, but the diameter of the implant should be the same size or smaller than the chest or it will encroach on the midline or go under the armpit.

Breast augmentation is becoming more accessible thanks to surgical techniques that make it easier to heal as long as you follow your doctor’s recommendation.

Incision Options

  • TUBA.  Trans-umbilical breast augmentation. The incision is made around the navel. Implants are slipped through the navel and travel up to the pocket in the breast
    • Benefits: Fewer visible scars.
    • Drawbacks:  According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons this method is more prone to complications than others.
  • Peri-areolar.  An incision is made around each areola from the 3 o’clock to the 6 o’clock position.
    • Benefits:  Incision is hidden. This incision is smaller but works better for smaller implants
    • Drawbacks: Possible numbness of the areola and the nipple.
  • Trans-axillary. Incision placed under the arm.
    • Benefits:  No scar on the breast.
    • Drawbacks: Scar may visible when lifting arm. This technique could possibly damage the implant.
  • Inframammary fold. This is the typical incision of choice especially when augmenting with silicone implants because they cannot be compressed and placed in small incisions.
    • Benefits: The incision is made in the fold of the breast and with healing the scar becomes nearly invisible.  The site like peri-areolar incision can be reopened if necessary.
    • Drawbacks: It is difficult to change the breast size in the future. If the patient decides she wants to have a larger implant inserted, the scar will move up and become visible on the breast. In the case that the patient decides she wants a smaller incision, then the scar could move down and be seen below the fold of the breast.

Try Before You Buy

The allure of a seductive new shape is difficult to resist. In addition to your general health, be aware there are other considerations for breast augmentation. Women who opt for gummy bear or silicone implants will need to go for scheduled MRIs. If in the unlikely event you are not satisfied with your size, your surgeon can remove and replace it.

Also, be prepared for some recovery downtime. You can generally return to work within seven days, but you may have to delay resuming your total fitness program for 5 -6 weeks

A New You!

For best results always consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Ali Sajjadian is one of few plastic surgeons in the United States who holds triple board certification. He is certified by the  American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Board of Otolaryngology, and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Sajjadian received the honor as one of “America’s Top Physicians,” four years in a row. He is a former Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery and faculty member of the Plastic Surgery Residency Program at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He has exceptional reviews for his exquisite breast augmentation work. Excited to get started on your new journey to looking great and a brand-new confidence? We invite you to contact us at (949)-515-0550.