Tattoos over Tummy Tuck Scars

If you’re like many of our Orange County plastic surgery clients who’ve had tummy tucks but are a little self-conscious about the scar that may still be visible when wearing bikinis, etc… don’t be dismayed. You can tattoo over a scar.  To get a permanent tattoo over the tummy tuck scar, you’ll need to wait about a year until the scar is fully healed.  Most scars are completely healed when they are lighter in color and no longer raised. After that, feel free to let your creative juices run wild. We’ve seen many beautiful vines, feathers, etc., on patients who have chosen to get tattoos over their tummy tuck scars.  It is recommended to wait as most scars become less visible with time.

Unfortunately, waiting a year is not an easy thing to do here in Orange County where its swimsuit season year round so for those who want to cover up their tummy tuck scar before their scar has fully healed, there are temporary tattoos. We’ve seen colorful crystal tattoos cover a tummy tuck scar perfectly. Even if your tummy tuck scar is not straight across, there are unique designs that come in pieces, so you can put them over your tummy tuck scar no matter how it’s shaped.

Most are even water proof and reusable. Like other temporary type tattoos, they come on an adhesive strip. Most advise that you to take them off when you shower of bathe, and then reapply them as needed. Some come with adhesive to apply others, are self-adhesive or just dissolve after a few days of bathing.  Honestly some we’ve seen are so unique and pretty, I wouldn’t be surprised if people without tummy tuck scars chose to wear them with their favorite bikini (or without).

If you are one of our Orange County clients or not and have a question as to whether or not your tummy tuck scar is ready for a permanent tattoo, contact our office and we’d be happy to help you know for sure. If it’s not ready don’t put away that bikini though, other tattoo options are still available and are just as fun, and pain-free)!