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Rhinoplasties are becoming more and more popular even though they have been one of the more popular cosmetic surgeries for decades. The reason why it continues to appeal to generation after generation is that most rhinoplasties are performed to change the cosmetic appearance of the nose and are performed most often in teenagers and young adults. But increasing numbers are being performed on people ranging from their 30s to their 60s. Rhinoplasties may also be one of the more “rationale” procedures because breathing problems are frequently corrected during rhinoplasty which make it more than just a cosmetic procedure for people and sometimes it is easier to justify and more likely to be paid for by health insurance.

Women are still the main patient population for rhinoplasty in Newport Beach. However, about 15% of the noses in most plastic surgery practices, including ours in Costa Mesa belong to men. The incidence of men having rhinoplasties is just slightly higher than the incidence of men having facelifts. A large percentage of men who want rhinoplasties are in their late teens and early 20s. Because the male face matures later than the female face, rhinoplasties are generally performed later in men than in women.

It is possible to have a limited rhinoplasty procedure, for example, if you just want to take away the bump or change the tip. However, only a small percentage of noses will look good with a limited procedure. To have a good outcome of a rhinoplasty the overall appearance of the nose in context with the rest of the face must be taken into account. If just the tip of the nose is changed, it reduces some of the tip support and has the potential to make the profile look taller and unnatural. And, if you just take a bump off the nose without touching the tip, it’s possible that the tip will look bigger than it did before. When you alter one area, it greatly influences the appearance of other areas of the nose.

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