Rhinoplasty Facts

We specialize in rhinoplasty and are more than happy to educate our clients and potential clients regarding all the ins and outs of the cosmetic procedures we do.  Here in the Newport Beach area we do numerous rhinoplasties a week. Each case is unique but overall here are some basic facts about the ever popular nose surgery (a.k.a. rhinoplasty).

Who gets a nose job? What can a nose job do for you? Well, noses come in all shapes and sizes, good or bad. You may love your family and the genes they gave you may not love the nose they gave you. The majority of people who chose to undergo rhinoplasty do so because they are not satisfied with the look, shape or size of their nose.

Some ways the nose can be changed through a nose job include: defining the tip of your nose if you have a wide or bulbous tip; lengthening your nose if it seems too short compared to the rest of your facial features; making your nose smaller or larger for more harmony and balance with the rest of your face; shortening your nose if it is disproportionately long or large for your face; smoothing out a bump on your nasal bone if your profile is a little too crooked for your taste.

Although it’s possible to change your nose’s appearance in ways that vary from subtle to dramatic, we always counsel our Newport Beach clients to maintain realistic expectations. At the initial consultation it’s always helpful to bring with you an idea of how you’d like your nose to look while also understanding that your Newport Beach plastic surgeon may suggest changes that are more realistic given your facial structure and nose shape. Take time to look through as many before and after photo galleries of noses that start out looking like yours as much as possible so you have a realistic idea of what can be done.

There’s a lot that can be done but not everything should be done. Your new nose should be tailored to balance your other facial features and not stand out as something obviously unnatural.  A good plastic surgeon will work with you to create a nose that looks like it belongs on your face.  If you live in the Newport Beach area and are interested in learning about what a nose surgery can do for you, contact our office today to be connected with the best rhinoplasty surgeon in the area!