Rhinoplasty: Current Trends and Closed vs. Open Techniques

Maintaining the architectural integrity of the nose is paramount and today’s rhinoplasty techniques are focusing on ways to preserve the strength and structure of the bony and cartilaginous framework of the nose. If a client of ours here in Orange County is lacking the natural architectural integrity of the nose, we can add it by borrowing cartilage from the septum, a rib, or even from the ear if necessary.

Some ways to preserve the architecture of the nose during rhinoplasty include using a spreader graft to maintain the dorsal lines of the nose.  It provides support for breathing in the mid vault while giving a cosmetically pleasing line. It also prevents a pinched look in the middle portion of the nose.  Occasionally, various small cartilage grafts can be used within the tip of the nose to give contour. The goal is to have the nose look normal, and function well.

There are two basic types of rhinoplasties that we do here in Orange County. The closed or endonasal type of rhinoplasty includes incisions that are made inside the nose which releases the nose from its architectural framework, so work can be done on the tip cartilage, the nasal bones, and the septum.  The majority of rhinoplasties are performed with the closed technique. The second less common technique is an open rhinoplasty, which requires an incision on the columella (the outside of the nose. The open rhinoplasty is indicated when the anatomy of the nose is more complex and more drastic changes need to be made.  Although open rhinoplasty gives surgeons more direct exposure to the nasal anatomy, it does leaves a visible scar. The majority of scars heal well but it is not as hidden as the incisions made from the closed rhinoplasty technique. And the majority of closed rhinoplasties take less time to heal because the open technique is more invasive and there is typically more swelling afterwards.

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