Reshaping the Nasal Bone Via An Osteotomy

Rhinoplasty is a very complicated surgical procedure designed to improve the aesthetics of the nose. There are many misconceptions regarding rhinoplasty and broken noses. Yes, sometimes your Costa Mesa plastic surgeon may have to break your nose during your rhinoplasty procedure, but it is not always a necessary step for rhinoplasty.

Due to the many convoluted characteristics of a nose, no two rhinoplasty procedures are achieved the same way. When you sit down with your Costa Mesa plastic surgeon, you will find out just exactly how your individualized rhinoplasty procedure will be.

The act of reshaping the nasal bones, or actually breaking the nose during a cosmetic procedure is called osteotomies. Osteotomies are used to narrow the bony upper-third of the nose. The bony part of the nose (the bridge) requires osteotomies for reduction when the nasal hump is reduced as well.

Common reasons for breaking the nose include if the nose is too wide at the base, if there is a significant bump on the bridge of the nose, if the nose is crooked, etc…

If you only need work done on the tip of your nose, perhaps the tip is pointed too downward for your liking, you will most likely not require osteotomies.

It is crucial that you share your expectations very clearly with your Costa Mesa plastic surgeon. Bring in pictures of noses you like and ask your surgeon what would be most natural for you. Sometimes your surgeon will not know until you are on the table that you require an osteotomy.

It is not advised to restrict your surgeon from osteotomies. If your rhinoplasty procedure requires an osteotomy and your plastic surgeon is not at liberty to perform it, your procedure could be wasted entirely. Surprisingly, osteotomies do not add any excess pain or discomfort to rhinoplasty procedures.

Call the Costa Mesa office of triple board certified Dr. Ali Sajjadian today for your rhinoplasty consultation. Dr. Sajjadian can answer any more questions you may have regarding osteotomies and rhinoplasty.