Preparing for Plastic Surgery

Whether or not you come into our Newport Beach plastic surgery office we want you to be well prepared for any plastic surgery you chose to get. Any qualified plastic surgeon will start the preparation by telling you to avoid certain medications before your surgery to reduce the risk of excessive bleeding.  Tell your plastic surgeon about any drug allergies you have. Certain drugs are used for anesthesia during the procedure but if you are allergic to any of them alternatives can be used. Same goes for post-surgical pain medications and antibiotics if needed.

If you smoke, it’s important to quit for at least four weeks before the surgery and four weeks after. Cutting back unfortunately is not enough. No smoking for this time period is vital for proper healing.  Your plastic surgeon will also encourage you to eat a healthy diet before and after having plastic surgery. You should plan to take at least one week off from work. The recovery time for certain procedures varies so ask your plastic surgeon exactly how much time off you’ll need.

Set up an area in your home where you can recover.  The area should have things like ice packs, gauze, towels, a thermometer, a supply of comfortable, and loose clothing (ideally button-down shirts or blouses that do not have to be pulled over your head and neck) readily available so you don’t have to run all over the house for them. Also stock up on petroleum jelly and antibacterial ointment. Position pillows that will keep your head elevated and in a comfortable position. Be sure you find someone who can stay with you for at least the first 24 hours after surgery.

Finding a qualified plastic surgeon in Newport Beach or wherever you are is the most important thing you can do to prepare for plastic surgery.  Remember it’s not only your appearance at stake but your health and life. Plastic surgery can be a wonderful experience under the hands and care of a qualified, skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. Make sure he or she is board certified and well experienced in the procedure you’re interested in.  If you have any questions about what makes a plastic surgeon qualified and experienced, contact our Newport Beach office today.