Preparing for Nose Surgery

So you’ve decided you want to have nose surgery.  Now you need to decide what you want your new nose to look like.  Of course we are always more than happy to help out our Orange County clients decide what nose works best for them but if you want to start to get an idea of what you want in a nose, here are a few things to take into consideration…

Be as up front with your wishes, desires and expectations so Dr. Sajjadian can confirm if what you want is possible.

Start looking at noses in our photo gallery or make copies of favorable noses of celebrity figures and analyze what you like and do not like about them. Find pictures of noses that you think are appealing.  Download pictures to your phone or bring photocopies of what you like with you to your consultation.  This way we will have a clear idea of your ultimate vision. Often we will also be able to show you noses of other Orange County clients that had similarly shaped noses and what their before and after shots look like.

Understand than changing your nose can change the overall structure of your face and cause other features to look out of balance after having nose surgery.  Several of our clients in Orange County often undergo a chin augmentation at the same time as a rhinoplasty to create that perfect balance and symmetry in the facial features.

Always give a full medical history including not only your physical health, but also your psychological health as well.  It is important to be honest and forthcoming so we can determine the right procedure for your overall wellbeing.  The reasons for wanting rhinoplasty are important in determining the best procedures to use and to make sure you know what to realistically expect.

In the days or weeks before your nose surgery usually specific guidelines are to be followed.  We ask our clients in Orange County not to eat or drink starting the night before the surgery.  If you smoke you should also quit smoking as soon as possible (at least two weeks) before going in for any kind of surgery, especially rhinoplasty. Unfortunately, we have found that smoking can lead to serious complications like blood loss and longer recovery.  Avoid alcohol for up to a week before the surgery because alcohol will interfere with healing.

Let us know if you are taking any medications or are on prescription.  Some medications need to be stopped before the procedure.  But be careful not to stop taking any medications before discussing it with the provider who prescribed it first.  This goes for vitamins and herbal supplements that you may be taking as well.  Some vitamins and herbs can also increase bleeding risks so be sure to keep us updated on everything you take on a daily basis.

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