Post-Rhinoplasty Care

“Do I really have to wear a cast over my nose after having a nose job? “ is a question I frequently get from patients who are obviously concerned about how they are going to look after having work to improve their appearance.  Yes, a splint (not a cast) is necessary to wear on your nose for at least 5-7 days after rhinoplasty surgery.

The splint works to maintain the structure of the nose while your cartilage and bone settle into their new positions.  It also helps minimize swelling and protect your new nose.  A lot of changes take place during the surgery and the nose needs to have proper protection to heal completely.  During rhinoplasty, the angle of the bridge may be changed, increased or decreased, and the nostrils may have been narrowed or the tip reshaped.  There are incisions inside your nose, often between your nostrils that also need to close and keep from re-opening.

Our office will be with you every step of the way as you start your healing process post-rhinoplasty.  We will give you detailed instructions that include using cold compresses and keeping your head elevated. Depending why you had the rhinoplasty and what was involved in your specific procedure, all the splints, packing, nasal picks, and stitches (if not dissolvable) will be removed in 1 to 3 weeks. At the end of 3 weeks most tissues have accomplished 80% of the healing, so you will not need the splint after that. It does not help to leave it on any longer.

Patients often say the most annoying thing is nasal stuffiness and the swelling after surgery.  The swelling does resolve and the stuffiness will not be around forever.  Expect your nose to continue to heal even after the splint is removed and understand that you will see the most change in six weeks.  Some of the finer refinements may not be noticed for many months up to one year.  But don’t be discouraged! The wait will be worth it! Soon you and the rest of the world will see your beautiful new nose.

Our practice utilizes some very advanced techniques to decrease and minimize swelling and bruising after surgery.

If you are considering a nose job or have questions after having a rhinoplasty, contact our Newport Beach plastic surgery office today and we will be happy to discuss whatever concerns or questions you may have.