Picture-Perfect Nose?

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to noses, interestingly enough, people seem to agree about what’s attractive and what’s not. Findings from a study performed by David C. Pearson, MD, of the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla., and Peter Adamson, MD, FRCSC, of the University of Toronto in Ontario support this belief.

The study included twenty seven people planning to have rhinoplasty to reduce their nose size and fifteen people who were happy with their natural noses and not planning to have rhinoplasty. The study investigated whether or not each group had different standards for a “picture-perfect” nose and how much each group’s preferences varied from each other. The goal of the researchers was to determine whether those choosing to undergo a rhinoplasty had a different perception of what the ideal nose was compared with those who liked their natural nose.

It turned out that both the rhinoplasty group and the non-surgery group preferred the same nasal profile, similar to what Dr. Sajjadian sees among his clients from the Costa Mesa area.  Overall the results show that those considering rhinoplasty, have similar standards for judging noses as everyone else. The “picture-perfect” nose has a little bit of a scoop and upturn of the tip, and was a bit smaller than the average nose we see here in the United States. Of course, this is not always the perfect nose for everyone, and the study doesn’t seem to have taken into account different ethnicities.

The perfect nose, in our opinion is the one that functions well and fits harmoniously with your specific facial features. What looks good on one person can look totally out of place on someone else. If you live in the Costa Mesa area and are interested in rhinoplasty and finding your “picture-perfect” nose, contact our office today!

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