Picking the Right Profile for your Breast Augmentation

Despite what many may believe, most women interested in breast augmentation surgery don’t necessarily just want bigger breasts; they just want to be more proportionate.  Most clients that come to our Costa Mesa plastic surgery office want make sure that a particular implant size will look right on her.  Obtaining proper size proportion is not only determined by the size of the implant; it has a lot to do with the how a breast implant looks on the woman’s body.

In addition to the size, another way to achieve proportion is by varying the type of projection, or height of the breast. The projection is basically how the breast stands out from the body when viewed from the side. Breast implants come in many shapes, but the majority of women often choose breast implants with a round base.

When you discuss profiles and projections with your plastic surgeon, it’s good to know a little bit about what it all means. When viewed from the top, the moderate profile implant has a wider.  While breast implants with high profile have a small base, when viewed from the side, it is much taller (more projection). A lot of our clients in Costa Mesa like the moderate profile implant when getting breast augmentations because these will appear distributed over a larger area on the chest wall, even though they project less. With moderate profile implants there is a nice smooth transition between the upper chest wall and the breasts and therefore a more natural, gradual lift. Of course, neither implant is “better” than the other it just depends on what you’re looking for.

When going over implant options for breast augmentation, we always take into account the torso size of our Costa Mesa clients. For example, if you are a woman with a narrow chest wall. If you think you look too small on top compared to your hips, you may want to consider a moderate profile implant which is wider and will restore some balance with your lower body. However, if you want a large cup size, but not necessarily a wider appearance to your torso, you may be better off with a high profile implant. Women with a wide chest wall are most often best off with a moderate profile implant, and if she wants more projection, she should go for a larger moderate profile implant. The main concern we always warn against when picking high profile implants is that their narrower base may make look too obviously artificial. This risk is less however if the client already has sufficient breast tissue thickness to wrap around and disguise the implant.

Our little guidelines on picking the right profile for your breast augmentation are just that, “guidelines.” They are not absolute, and it just depends on what you’re looking for.  If you’re considering a breast augmentation and want to speak to a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon regarding your options for breast implants, contact our office today!

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