Oscar Ready: Three Cosmetic Enhancement Trends Inspired by Your Favorite Celebrities

Will your favorite stars win an Oscar this year? One of our favorite parts of the Academy Awards is watching the celebrities walk the red carpet before the show. These celebrities are the embodiment of perfection: designer gowns, stunning skin, sculpted bodies and impeccable features. As you admire your favorite celebs this year, remember their movie star looks are often the result of a little (or a lot) of cosmetic enhancement.

If you are considering cosmetic procedure, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ali Sajjadian. Dr. Sajjadian is a double board certified plastic surgeon specializing in facial rejuvenation and is known for his exceptional work in in creating beautiful, natural looking results. As the 2014 recipient of the “Physician of Excellence” award from the Orange County Medical Association, Dr. Sajjadian is committed to helping people love their appearance through compassionate patient care and attention to detail.

Botox®: Hollywood’s Not-So-Secret Beauty Secret

It isn’t a secret: celebrities love Botox®. This injectable treatment takes just 10-15 minutes to administer and can fade wrinkles away for months. Botox® is a special type of toxin that temporarily halts facial muscles, allowing wrinkles to relax and disappear. When celebrities need a quick lift, Botox® is often the go-to solution.

If you’re worried about looking fake after treatment, don’t be. When performed by a skilled injector, Botox® creates natural-looking results that can last up to five months. Dr. Sajjadian doesn’t just specialize in surgical procedures; his expertise in facial anatomy allows him to pinpoint the ideal location for Botox® injection placement to deliver the natural-looking and beautiful results you’re after.

Chemical Peels: Give Your Skin the Movie Star Treatment

Banish acne, age spots and dull-looking skin with a chemical peel. This enhancing treatment is an age-fighting tool celebrities turn to time and time again. This advanced non-surgical treatment uses chemical peeling agents (like alphahydroxy or trichloroacetic acids) to peel away the outer layers of skin. This stimulates new cell growth and rejuvenates skin. You’ll likely see a bit of redness and peeling while you heal, but in a few days, you’ll enjoy refreshed skin with an improvement in overall skin texture and appearance. Chemical peels aren’t just for the ladies; men can benefit from them too.

Dermal Fillers: Look Like You’re an A-Lister

With cameras ready to capture their every move, celebrities have to be photo-ready every step of the way. Because they don’t want to look tired or aged, many celebrities rely on facial dermal fillers to create a naturally refreshed look. Dermal fillers can soften wrinkles, but they can also be used to enhance lips for a plump, flirty pout.

Those gorgeous celebrities are certainly our favorite part of the Academy Awards. What’s yours?