Not Your Usual Liposuction Spots

Have you ever had one little spot drive you crazy because it just doesn’t look like you want it to or it just seems out of place to the rest of your body? Well, you’re not alone. When it comes to our appearance, it’s the little things that tend to feel the most irritating.  It’s not uncommon for some of our Orange County liposuction clients to come to us complaining about those small, isolated problem spots that nag at them, even after accomplishing major weight loss or other cosmetic procedure. In general they are extremely pleased with their appearance but it’s those little spots that throw off a unified look.

Often at our Orange County plastic surgery practice we can address these problem areas with liposuction. Yes, liposuction can specifically target the areas that bother you the most, even those spots you may not have considered having liposuction.

  • The Jawline – Many people know how frustrating it is to have an amazingly fit and slender body yet have a stubborn double chin that won’t seem to go away with diet or exercise. Having jowls, excess skin and fatty deposits under the jawline, can not only give you a mistakenly heavy appearance but it can also add to signs of premature aging. In Orange County we can slim the jawline with liposuction taking years off your appearance and add a slim face to your slim body.
  • The Back and Upper Torso – You know, those stubborn, annoying bulges that sneak out around bras, swimsuit tops and strapless tops or dresses. Well targeted body contouring like liposuction can eliminate these trouble spots, replacing them with smooth, uninterrupted curves that will compliment and sexy top.
  • Those infamous “cankles” – If you ankles are roughly the same size as your calves, you may have cankles. Many of our Orange County clients are surprised that with liposuction they can achieve a smooth, elegant and sexy transition from the calf to the ankle, but you can! Liposuction of this area has to be done conservatively.
  • The male chest – Many men feel uncomfortable when they have “breasts”. Gynecomastia is a condition where males have overdeveloped breast tissue, caused by medications, extra weight or other conditions. If the gynecomastia is irreversible, liposuction can significantly impact confidence and comfort by removing the excess tissue from the male chest reveling a more muscularly defined and firmer torso.

If you live in the Orange County are and are frustrated with certain stubborn spots on your body, contact our Orange County practice today. Together we can address those areas that are bothering you and give you that streamlined body you desire.