Nose Surgery: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get a nose surgery without having scars?

A: It depends. There are two basic types of rhinoplasties. One is closed also called endonasal rhinoplasty. In the closed type nose surgery that we do here in the Santa Ana area, incisions are made inside the nose to release the nose from its architectural framework, so we can work on the tip cartilage, the nasal bones, and the septum without having to make large incisions that can leave scars. A vast majority of the nose surgeries we do are performed with this closed technique. The second technique is called an open rhinoplasty, which requires an incision on the columella, an outer structure of the nose. This type of rhinoplasty is indicated when the anatomy of the nose is more complex or when the desired results of the nose surgery requires more direct exposure to the tip cartilage.

Q: How can I make the tip of my nose look smaller?

A: Making the tip smaller traditionally involved removing a portion of the tip cartilage but now we can make many tips smaller by removing very little of the tip cartilage and sometimes none. Instead, what we’ll do at our Santa Ana office is re-sculpt, reshape, and reposition the tip cartilage. Very often, noses require cartilage grafts placed in the tip to support and project the tip. In some of these noses the graft can actually make the nose look smaller if they are placed in such a way that it increases the tip projection, and supports the sidewalls. There are a variety of options we have available for our clients.

Q: What happens to the skin of the nose after nose surgery? Will it be stretched out?

A: Nope.  The skin of the nose is very good at contracting to conform to the bone and cartilage underneath after surgery. Removing skin is not routine in cosmetic rhinoplasty. The scars would be unthinkable. Any rhinoplasty plastic surgeon will leave the skin and let it shrink down. However, skin type and thickness play a huge role in the final result and some may take longer to adapt to the new nasal structure after nose surgery.

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