Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement Options

In Newport Beach we get questions about non-surgical breast enhancement options all the time. It’s amazing how many medical supplements there are on the market claiming to enhance breast size non-surgically. Many supplements claim they can produce breast enhancement with increasing breast weight. While it’s true that breasts enlarge with weight gain due to increased amounts of fatty tissue it doesn’t really have anything to do with nutrients in the diet. If it were really possible to get a significant enhancement of your breast size without surgery, there’s no way so many women would choose to have breast augmentation surgery year after year. Truthfully the only reliable way to get a permanent increase of one to two cup sizes is to use a breast implant.

There are non-implant procedures like fat grafting and the BRAVA breast enhancement system can be performed by plastic surgeons to gain a cup size or sometimes two, but the volume tends to decrease somewhat over time, so the results are not as predictable nor are they as long lasting as with implants.

Like many things in life, the easy and cheap answer is 9 out of 10 times the wrong one. If you desire larger breasts, the solution is to enlarge the breast by adding volume. This can be done with fat transfer, like I mentioned above but this type of breast enhancement is unlikely to produce a significant increase in breast size for the long term.  Furthermore, it is time consuming and requires a second operative site. The tried and true method of breast enhancement remains to be breast augmentation with breast implants.  Instead of spending money on creams that do not work, you will most definitely be better served using that money on a procedure with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Again, for most women the only reliable way to enhance breast sizes is with a breast augmentation. Trust me, many people will say anything to take your money for breast enhancement creams, supplements, etc… But we don’t want you or any of our Newport Beach patients taken advantage of, so as tempting as it can be don’t be fooled by outrageous claims of non-surgical breast enhancement techniques. Contact our Newport Breach office today for a consultation. You won’t be disappointed.

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