Improve Your Facial Balance With These Cosmetic Procedures

A receding jaw, hollow cheeks, and a crooked nasal septum can create facial asymmetry. This imbalance can cause your facial muscles to function poorly, affecting multiple features. Fortunately for people who live in Newport Beach and Orange County, corrections are available to create symmetry, enhance your appearance, and restore muscle movement and function.

Having harmony among all your facial features can boost your self-confidence. While some faces are less balanced than others, correcting these issues is possible with specific surgical procedures designed to restore or create facial symmetry. These adjustments are typically outpatient procedures, allowing you to return to your regular routine in a couple of weeks.

During plastic surgery recovery, you can expect some bruising and swelling. Any functional correction, like opening the nasal passages for optimal breathing, is permanent and provides lifelong relief from discomfort. Here’s an overview of a few procedures double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Sajjadian offers at his Newport Beach practice.


Reshaping the nose is an extensive procedure that includes increasing or decreasing its size, reshaping the tip or the bridge, and altering the nostrils or the angle between the nose and the upper lip. The surgery can simultaneously correct functional issues, so this surgery has practical and cosmetic benefits.

Your nose is your central and most dominant facial feature. Most people’s noses continue growing and changing throughout their childhood, and finish developing by approximately age 16. Therefore, people of all ages can benefit from rhinoplasty – though teenagers must demonstrate sufficient emotional maturity to manage surgery and recovery.

Whatever your age, it is essential to have realistic expectations. Rhinoplasty offers cosmetic improvement, but cannot provide a nose that’s incompatible with your nasal anatomy. Dr. Sajjadian will explain the various nuances of this enhancement during your consultation.

Dr. Sajjadian offers preservation rhinoplasty in Orange County. The primary goal of this approach is to retain your original cartilage and bone tissue while enhancing your nose appearance and facial beauty.


While injectable fillers provide a temporary lift and correct the minor signs of aging, like unwanted wrinkles and lines, facelift surgery offers a long-term solution that delivers impressive results. As with any aesthetic procedure, it is crucial to have a skilled plastic surgeon perform this operation to provide a subtle, natural-looking appearance.

In many cases, Dr. Sajjadian may recommend a less invasive procedure to promote a fast recovery and less pain and bruising. With endoscopic facelifts, short-scar facelifts, and mini facelifts, patients needing less correction can lessen the lengthy healing time and discomfort associated with a traditional Orange County facelift with excellent results. These procedures can also minimize the incisions necessary to complete a facelift by concealing them in the hairline, making potential scarring less visible.

Dr. Sajjadian may recommend combining a facelift with other cosmetic surgeries like liposuction or facial implants for an ideal result. Discuss your desired outcome with Dr. Sajjadian, who will design a personalized plan for your procedure and suggest additional treatments necessary to help you realize your aesthetic goals.

Neck Lift

Dr. Sajjadian employs a combination of plastic surgery procedures to treat various patients’ needs. For example, a neck lift with Dr. Sajjadian may include liposuction, cervicoplasty, and platysmaplasty – cosmetic procedures to remove excess fat and skin or tighten neck bands and muscles.

Before the operation, Dr. Sajjadian will meet with you to understand your expectations. He then creates a customized surgical approach to address all your concerns.

Dr. Sajjadian begins the procedure by creating small incisions under the chin or behind the ears. Then, he gently suctions excess fatty tissue using a specific cannula if necessary. He may also manipulate neck muscles to lessen the “banded” appearance of the neck. Next, he carefully removes sections of specific neck muscles or realigns them with permanent sutures to tighten the overall neck appearance. Finally, to treat sagging, he lifts and surgically removes excess skin, concealing the scars behind the ears.

Following surgery, most of Dr. Sajjadian’s neck lift patients need one to two weeks of rest before returning to their daily activities. At this time, Dr. Sajjadian may apply supportive elastic bandages to promote a quicker recovery period and maintain your neck’s proper position.

Brow Lift

Dr. Sajjadian performs various advanced brow lift procedures, including endoscopic, incorporating state-of-the-art technologies to reduce scarring. During the process, he creates several micro-incisions in the hairline. Next, he inserts an endoscopic instrument to better visualize the eyebrow and forehead areas. He then removes excess fat, muscle, and skin and tightens what remains to give patients a refreshed facial appearance.

Patients with slight skin laxity on their forehead and eyebrows are optimal candidates for an endoscopic brow lift. In addition, patients often undergo minimal-incision brow lift in conjunction with eyelid surgery. This combination rejuvenates the forehead, brow, and eye areas to help patients appear younger, alert, and well-rested.

Unlike traditional brow lifts, the endoscopic brow lift reduces scarring, discomfort, and risk.

Eyelid Surgery

Loose, sagging eyelid skin can cause you to look tired and years older than your age. Even if you maintain an eye care regimen, some cosmetic conditions are genetic, like relentless undereye circles or drooping lids. Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery designed to correct eyelid drooping and sagging and help patients look friendlier and more approachable.

Dr. Sajjadian begins blepharoplasty with tiny incisions hidden among your natural facial creases. Depending on your features and desired outcome, he will remove or reposition some tissue to improve eye and facial aesthetics. In some instances, he also corrects for ptosis to treat vision concerns.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers, also known as facial fillers, are injectable formulations used for most facial areas, including the brow, cheeks, lips, chin, and beyond. They produce a naturally plumping effect, address facial hollows where tissue volume has been lost, can create facial symmetry, and resolve fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother skin texture.

Performing facial balance with dermal fillers requires a skilled hand and an artistic eye. Administering the right type of dermal filler in the correct amount in the proper locations is vital for a safe treatment that produces a natural facial balance.

Why Trust Dr. Sajjadian to Improve Your Appearance?

Because of his extensive training and experience in facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Sajjadian is a highly regarded expert in facial plastic surgery procedures, including blepharoplasty, chin and cheek implants, and endoscopic brow lifts. In addition, he specializes in reconstructive plastic surgery and head and neck surgery.

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