Important Topics to Cover at Your Rhinoplasty Consultation

Choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon is no easy task, but you do have an important tool available to help you find the right fit, your plastic surgery consultation. A consultation gives prospective patients an opportunity to test drive plastic surgery practices and get one-on-one time with potential surgeons. If you’re thinking about rhinoplasty in Southern California, we would love to meet with you. Call 949-515-0550 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ali Sajjadian today. He is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon and is highly trained and experienced performing rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty, non-surgical nose job,  and nasal obstruction correction.

A consultation is a valuable tool. Prepare carefully for yours so you don’t waste it. Asking the right questions and getting key information will make it much easier to choose your rhinoplasty surgeon when the time comes. We’ve prepared this guide to help prospective patients prepare for their rhinoplasty consultation with us.

Be Completely Honest with Your Plastic Surgeon

Lying is never good, but at a rhinoplasty consultation, it can be deadly. Your surgeon needs to have an honest and straightforward dialogue with you. Answer all questions to the best of your ability, and if you’re not sure of an answer, let us know. There is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed of your answers. We have heard it all. Honesty is key for a successful plastic surgery consultation and is essential for staying safe and achieving your desired results.

What Will We Discuss During A Rhinoplasty Consultation?

A rhinoplasty consultation is information packed. We will talk about the procedure in great detail. Come well rested, attentive, and ready to learn. We do customize each consultation, so your experience may vary, but we typically cover many of the following topics during a rhinoplasty consultation.

  • Surgical Goals- What do you want from rhinoplasty? Dr. Sajjadian will ask about your aesthetic and functional goals for nasal surgery. Tell us what you hope to look like. Point out the parts of your nose that you like and dislike the most. Make sure you tell Dr. Sajjadian about any breathing difficulties you’re experiencing.
  • Surgeon Qualifications- Dr. Sajjadian is one of the top rhinoplasty surgeons in Southern California. Learn about his qualifications and see before and after photos and patient testimonials.
  • Medical History- Safety is important to us and to ensure a safe procedure, we need to understand your medical history. Tell us about any medical conditions you have and any previous surgeries. We’ll also ask about medications, supplements, vitamins, etc. Let us know if you smoke or use tobacco products. Dr. Sajjadian may also ask about alcohol usage. If you’re taking medications, bring the bottles along so we can see exactly what you’re using, and at what dosage.
  • Physical Examination- Dr. Sajjadian will carefully examine your nose and nasal area. Some patients may need imaging. This helps us establish a baseline so we can plan your rhinoplasty and create your best results.
  • Treatment Recommendations- After an examination and chat about your goals, Dr. Sajjadian can offer treatment advice. This will be personalized advice that focuses on the best options to reach your goals.
  • Complementary Procedures- Some rhinoplasty patients will benefit from other procedures in addition to their nasal surgery. Common pair ups with rhinoplasty include chin and cheek implants, facelift, eyelid surgery, and ear surgery.
  • Personal Responsibilities- We partner with our patients in rhinoplasty surgery. We’ll talk about your responsibilities and care requirements before and after surgery. We’ll also talk about the recovery process and what to expect.
  • Cost and Financing- Learn about the cost of rhinoplasty in Newport Beach, CA and explore your financing and payment options.
  • Questions and Answers- Most patients have questions and we are always happy to answer them. We always leave time for some Q&A during every rhinoplasty consultation.

If you’re ready to get started on your rhinoplasty journey, give us a call and schedule a consultation. You don’t have to be certain that rhinoplasty is right for you to schedule one. A consultation will help you explore your options and make an informed choice about rhinoplasty.